Offbeat Online Stores in India: Online Mural 3D Art

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

Do you love offbeat online stores just like us? We scoured through our stores and found a few hidden gems that will inspire you to start your own.  

Today, we want to share a story of one such business.

Meet Online Mural.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the entrepreneur behind the art

I am Kawita Thakur, fine artist and an entrepreneur, graduate from Sir J J school of Art. My field of work includes making custom mural for Architects, Corporates and Art work exporters – under the  Brand name of Thakurs Art. I customize murals as required by individuals according to their interior theme.  Currently, our clients are mostly from metro cities like Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi & Chennai. 

Q: We hear you also provide lessons to students in the same field? 

Yes, I am deeply engaged in providing online training for painting and sculpturing to people worldwide. My husband Pramod Thakur, and I have developed an easy and unique way to provide online training to passionate art enthusiasts.
Currently students from all over the world (INDIA, UAE, USA, & UK) are learning to make mural swith me online. Any novice can learn through my online training, there is no language barrier to communicate because it is done with visuals which is easy to grasp.
I have a wide range of curriculum. It includes fine art, 3D wall mural, cutie dolls, ceramic clay sculpture/mural, metal mural, siporex stone carving, terracotta Murals, terracotta jewellery, enamelling & calligraphy etc.

What is your experience with Instamojo?

First things first, I really want to thank the team behind Instamojo. They have made it easier for service providers like me who can use a payment gateway conveniently without having to reach out to a developer for help.
I receive approximately 80 – 100 enquiries on a daily basis for my online course. It gets really hectic managing all the registrations along with the training work. Finding out about Instamojo was an exciting moment for me, my online course has jumped to another level now.
My experience has been smooth as it has become very easy for me to track all my payments coming through Instamojo – I get immediate access to my clients and can communicate instantly with them and it has helped us to provide quicker services.

What specific feature about Instamojo do you like the most?

Some times, our clients want customized services for paying online. I just have to create a link then, which is only a 1-minute task with Instamojo.
Let me explain this with an incident that happened with me recently:
I was running a limited time offer a few days ago. One of my clients who is a house wife got in touch with me saying she has never made an online transaction but she is eager to get the offer. She also told me that she was in a marriage function at that moment and asked if she could make the payment the next day.
I just asked her one question: “Do you have a credit card and a smartphone?” She replied with a yes. I then sent her my Instamojo payment link via WhatsApp and explained how easy it was to make the payment from there. She just had to click the link and enter the credit card details to make the payment. It took 2 minutes and I got the payment confirmation. My client was able to avail the limited period offer easily.
This ease of use thrilled me knowing that it’s so easy for even a  novice.

Q: Lastly, would you recommend Instamojo to others?

I have already recommended Instamojo to many people, who are into selling online. This is very easy to operate for customers as well as the seller.

At a very nominal charge, Instamojo provides a method to collect payments from channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS.



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