How greytHR Collects Payments Online

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2021)

Meet greytHR

greytHR is a leading HR software and Payroll system with experience that spans over 20 years in India and the Middle East. Its sole objective is to enable HR departments to benefit from state-of- the-art cloud based payroll software.

What can you do with greytHR

As a small business, you can use greytHR to implement a payroll system and HR software in your company. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 employees or 500, greytHR is suitable for every business size. It is an end to end solution and employees can use it for self service.

In search for a payment solution

A vital ingredient for a successful business is seamless operations. More so when monetary transactions are made online. In the day and age we live in, security and speed is of paramount importance. So choosing a payment gateway that lives up to the herculean demands, takes a lot of searching.

greytHR Success Story with Instamojo

Here is what greytHR has to say for Instamojo:

We were on a quest to find ourselves the optimum payment gateway that could complement our HR & Payroll software. After much scouting, we found Instamojo. The first thing we noticed that due to its robust API, the integration process was seamless. Like a well oiled machine, it all functioned like clockwork.

There were little or no complaints from our customers and in the odd chance there was one, the support team was quick to respond.

Last but not least, finding the right quality-price balance is crucial. It works out well that Instamojo is as well balanced as it comes, offering a premium service for highly competitive rates. Our customers are satisfied too as they’re able to track their transactions real-time and with instant confirmations. To sum up, I would recommend Instamojo to anyone looking for a reliable and safe payment. 


You can set up your account and start collecting payments in less than 5 minutes with Instamojo.

Looking to collect payments online?