Introducing Next-Gen Payment Checkout for Better Conversions

Payments platform instamojo checkout
(Last Updated On: June 23, 2021)

As a payments platform, one of the most crucial parts of our experience is the Instamojo checkout experience. It represents both Instamojo and the merchants who use us. This experience hadn’t been updated in years and was due for a major overhaul, even though we worked hard on giving the best payment gateway success rates.

After many months spent polishing the finer aspects of the new forms; today, we’re starting the rollout of the new Instamojo checkout forms.

What makes the new payment forms awesome?

1. Strong Merchant Identity

A recurring theme in feedback from our customers has been the need to customize the payment form and make it look like their own. 
The new form has a cover image along with the user name & photo. This makes it dead simple to customize the form. 
We’re not stopping there, we will soon be launching the ability for merchants to change the text and form colours to match their own branding.

2. Mobile First Design

The new checkout forms are designed mobile-first because that’s where all the customer eye-balls are and designing for the toughest constraints first makes it easier to scale to the rest. Merchants now don’t have to worry how their forms will look on small screens, the experience is consistent everywhere.

3. UX Improvements

The new form brings along a plethora of improvements to the user experience. The long scary form is now broken down into multiple gentler parts. Payment choice is a clear last step. Error is clearer and makes the form cutely shake. Context about the payment and person being paid is crisply available.

4. Modularity

The checkout forms are designed as a nifty module that can be customized and plugged into parts of a site to create even more powerful experiences.

Experience the Demo here:

Enable the new forms

1. Go to
2. Open the “Beta Settings” menu
3. Tick the box next to “Enable New Checkout Forms”
4. That’s it!

In case you’re confused, here’s a little video to help you:

Give us your Feedback, Bugs & Problems

We want to hear about your experience with the new forms – good and bad.

Please fill this form.

This can be general feedback, bugs, or any other comments you have – fill it in as many times as you want.

In case the new forms are breaking any of your flows, you can revert to ‘old forms’ in Settings. Please make sure you report the issue you face so that we can fix it for you.

Note Important Dates

May 29th, 2016 –  Last day of survival for the old forms, it shall then be killed.

June 15th, 2016 –  Last day of reporting your issues in the new forms.

Please report any issues you find ASAP, this will help us fix any glitch and transition you to the new forms smoothly.

For any concerns, please shoot an email to right away.