‘Pulp Non-Fiction’: The story of Malanad plantations and 3 friends

Malanad plantation
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2021)

Do you remember yourself craving cold, delicious squash on hot summer days? The drink could soothe our fried nerves and the exhaustion that a hot day brought on! Malanad plantations delicious fruit pulp and squash do exactly that for their customers.

Nestled in the peaceful valleys of Idukki, Kerala, Malanad plantations is the effort of 3 partners in arms – Manoj M Joseph, Kennady Peter, and Prince Varkey. Now, the beverage brand sells across India and has already sold over 20 lakh bottles to customers across the nation.

We got in touch with the team to know more about how Malanad caters to its customers.

Setting up Malanad plantations

Malanad plantations are located in 2 areas of Kerala – Idukki (Puttady) and Kambam. The brand started with over 10 acres and expanded to over 200 hectares (50 times the original land!)  and many more times in profit.

Kerala is well-known for its luscious vegetation. These farms are blessed with great climatic conditions and the 3 partners saw this as an opportunity. Seeing how the area supported the healthy growth of exotic fruits like Passion fruit (originally meant for Brazilian climate), the friends set up their business in full swing!

The farm successfully produced all kinds of grapes, pink guavas, and other delicious yet nutritious fruits.

The Malanad team

Natural mixology – from fruit to bottled fruit

Every businessperson sees an opportunity. Few make it happen! The Malanad team realised the prevalent issue of seasonal availability. It would not be easy for the team to continue selling the fruits all year round.

Malanad plantations

“We got the idea to convert our fruits to mixes once we realised it will retain the freshness and natural ingredients in the product. We started to sell these fruits in bottles that people could enjoy and relish all year long” – Kennady Peter

What’s in the bottle?

Every Malanad Plantation product is made from the pulps of the fruits grown in farms. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fibres, and absolutely delicious. Every product is made of 100% natural pulp.

“We practice sustainable organic production methods in our farms and ensure to provide the best farm-to-folk services. We did get a lot of support from the Kerala Agricultural Forum to make this happen.” – Kennady Peter

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Malanad plantations photo
The passion fruit squash by Malanad

Growing online and squash’ing it!

The huge number of orders coming in helped the Malanad team decide to take their business online and reach a wider audience.

” We began to get orders from across the globe, including USA and UK. It all happened thanks to word of mouth, and so, we began to set up bulk orders to meet demands.” – Peter 

New party packs – bulk order for mocktail mix by Malanad

The Malanad team set up an online eCommerce website to showcase their products and to streamline the ever-increasing demands for their fruit squash.

“We knew we needed a reliable, easy-to-use online website builder that took care of everything. I heard about the Instamojo online store from a friend and decided to set up the store.  So far, our experience has been good.” – Peter 


Malanad plantations are one of the finest examples of organic businesses in India. They empower farmers, implement sustainable practices and seek opportunities during a difficult time.

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