RailTiffin.com – Order Fresh, Tasty and Healthy Food While Travelling in Train

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2021)

RailTiffin.com is a Mumbai based startup founded by Harshit Jain and Piyush Bothra. With RailTiffin.com, you can order healthy and tasty food that will be delivered at the station of your choice while you are travelling in a train.

The food is served with leak proof packaging & a pre-packed cutlery set to give you the best possible meal experience. As a gesture of their commitment to customer service, they guarantee delivery with a money back promise of up to 200%.

RailTiffin.com uses Instamojo.com to receive payments online and we had the chance to ask Piyush, a few interesting questions.

Instamojo: What is the story behind RailTiffin.com?

Piyush: The inspiration for RailTiffin.com came from our own experience. Both of us have had long train journeys in the past where we had to travel from our place of work to our native places. The biggest problem and challenge we faced during travel was the non-availability of good food.

There were very limited options and the availability of healthy food was not a choice. You would have experienced this yourself during train journeys in India. When we decided to become entrepreneurs, the choice was obvious. We knew that a problem existed and we decided to build an organized and seamless solution for this problem.

What is the impact that RailTiffin.com has on the market place?

RailTiffin.com is relatively a new company which is less than 6 months old. But we are already delivering more than 200 food packages a day.

We are growing very fast and the response has been great. Our customers love our service and the word is spreading fast. The positive feedback from our customers tells us that we are on the right path.

Why Did You Choose Instamojo.com as Your Payment Solution?

When we were setting up our business we obviously needed a payment gateway. We start approaching the usual suspects, the top names in the payment gateway.

Harshit knew about Instamojo.com and since we wanted to set up very quickly where our customers can make payments with just a link we became users of Instamojo.com.

We Recently Decided to Make Daily Payouts for Our Users, How has it Helped You?

It is good news that we need not wait for a week to receive payments. This will definitely have a huge impact in our business as we grow in our volumes.

Do You Have Any Suggestions or Feedback About Instamojo?

We are waiting for an integration plugin for Open Cart and Magento. It would help us a lot in integrating with Instamojo seamlessly.

Instamojo: Yes, we are working on it and will be launching shopping cart plugins soon. Thanks for your time!