Rentomojo – The Furniture Rental Company Uses to Collect Payments

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2021)

Rentomojo is an online furniture rental company started by IIT graduates. With Rentomojo, one can rent all the required furniture for the house for as low as Rs.1,500 per month.

The minimum rental period for furnitures is 6 months. If you are moving to a new city for a short period, Rentomojo will be a God-send for you. As of now, Rentomojo provides services only in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, but they will be expanding to other cities soon.

Rentomojo uses to receive payments online. We had a chance to ask Geetansh Bamania, the CEO and Founder of Rentomojo a few interesting questions.

What is the Story Behind

10720f7Geetansh: We all have relocated within the cities in the past four years and were consumers to rental space ourselves. We all felt the need to rent out home essentials either when relocating or starting up a venture.

When we got a basic understanding of the economics involved in this business and understood the inefficiencies in the rental ecosystem, we all jumped in.

Why Did You Choose to Use to Solve Your Payment Needs?

The biggest reason to go for Instamojo is the startup vibe and the energy which you won’t find in any of the traditional players. There was a issue cropping up on the first day and we could reach out to someone to fix it.

Customer service after purchase is what orgs neglect all the time and this is where most of the disruptions will come in. And of course it was damn easy to set up and use it with the prototype with no upfront fee.

Are You Happy with Our New Daily Payout Structure?

The daily payouts are helpful to keep our books clean on a daily basis which is the backbone for any company.

Why and How did You Name Your Startup

Kid you not. The name was there in my head when we named us. But frankly, we are set out to fill that void in your life and give you that instant happiness which you get from owning a lifestyle at an affordable cost which is what the identity represents.

How Does Instamojo’s API Help You?

Instamojo payment API will be useful as we will be passing the parameters to only one link.

What Improvements Would You Like to See in in the Near Future?

With scale the only thing that matters with the payment gateway is the transaction fee which Instamojo will have to keep competitive.