Request a Payment API and a month of success stories

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2021)

Recently, we solved a major problem for our 50,000+ merchants. How can you collect payments simply and easily over email and SMS? Yes, we had short links, but you’d have to create one and separately text or mail your customers. Cumbersome. So we solved that with Request a Payment, a feature that does it all for you. And then because we wanted more – and knew you did too – we went ahead and solved two more problems.

How can I collect payments in bulk?

Simple, just upload a csv file with email ids or mobile numbers of your customers and the respective amount due. Hit send and each would receive a direct link in their inbox to click and pay. This worked perfectly for individuals and growing companies – no technical knowledge required and great for recurring payments.

How do I collect bulk payments automatically?

That’s where our new Request a Payment API comes in. Using this new API you can trigger payment requests from your own backend, write payment schedules and much much more. The API provides information on payment status and more through webhooks and redirects. In fact, you can control the entire flow with a simple integration that’s intuitive and mobile-friendly.

We’re so excited about this that we went ahead and made a super short video to give you an overview of the feature. We checked in with Homigo, Motorcycle Travellers Meet and Holiday Monk to see how they’re using it. Watch out for 00:39, gets us every time.


Still not convinced? See what some of our happy early adopters are saying about our Request a Payment feature. – This Udaipur company lets you order cakes, bouquets and gifts online.

We often get enquiries for cakes over phone calls. Instead of asking our customers to place an order on our website, we request a payment over SMS. It’s a convenient method, both for them and us, since it doesn’t involve the tedious process of a bank transfer. – Need a houseboat? Book it here.

We take the exact requirements of customers who directly call us and just request a payment. We couldn’t take last minute bookings earlier due to limitations attached with bank transfers. With Instamojo, we get intimated  for every transaction and therefore, helps us let the customer know. It’s helped us increase conversions because the process is easier for customers and they don’t end up thinking twice. – Pet supplies at the click of a button.

We use the Request a Payment feature as a replacement for Card on Delivery. An SMS with a payment link is sent to customers at the time of delivery of the product.

Want assistance setting it up?
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