How To Sell on Instagram Without a Website

How to sell on Instagram 2020

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Your pictures will speak louder than text on any marketing channel you choose today. This is probably the reason why Instagram sellers are doing well these days and why you should start to sell on Instagram too.

Why Instagram?

1. Great audience

Instagram just crossed 400 million users in September 2015. 53% of the users are active and most of the audience is below 35 years old. This is a winning formula for making a sale on social media.

How to sell on Instagram

2. Great engagement rate

44% of the audience on Instagram are using the platform for brand research. Instagram is leading the social media race for the highest user engagement rate. Have a look at this data:

brand engagement instagram sell on instagram without a website


Image source: Adage

Where there is engagement, there is a relatively higher sale.

A good audience and higher engagement rate on Instagram makes it easier for sellers to get more “reach” for their products.

Sell on Instagram

 1) Edit your Profile:

Download the app and Sign up with Instagram.

Your username is your brand name – keep it simple.

Use the Bio section to inform your audience about your product and service in simple language. If you don’t have a website, you can create an account on Instamojo and share your link in the website section. We will dig in deeper about this later in the article.

How to sell on instagram without a website
How earthable completes their Instagram bio with their Instamojo store link

Example of Instagram profile - how to sell on Instagram without a website


2) Upload your product pictures:

No Filters: Don’t use filters for uploading your product pictures, they distort the image.

Content: Pictures showing real customers using the product has 30% more engagement rate. Also, light tone images get 24% more engagement than dark ones.

soap factory - how to sell on instagram
How The Soap Factory uses good photography to upload their products on Instagram

Make sure your picture caption is descriptive. Include all the information a customer would want to know in the description and towards the end, mention how to contact you if they want to buy your product.

3) Increase Reach:

Use hashtags: Instagrammers use hashtags to search and discover the content they are interested in. Please use hashtags to define your product and make it discoverable. Do a little hashtag analysis and see which are the ones your customers are most searching for.

Never overdo the hashtags though, up to 5 hashtags should be better but you can use up to 8 too, just pull it off.


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A post shared by Cakes for pets (@petgobbles)

Find and Follow your target customers: Use Instagram search to look for people who would be interested in buying your products. When you follow them, they will be notified and most of them will end up checking out your profile.

Reach out to Influencers: Find popular accounts on Instagram who are followed by your customers and follow them. If you can, give away your product to them and ask them to talk about it on their profiles. Its highly likely that if they like your product, they will talk about it on their own. If not, you can at least engage with their followers in comments and see if they can be your potential customers.

Don’t just sell!

Artists are selling more on Instagram than on any other platforms.

A key piece of advice one must take away from them is – do not just sell products, engage with your audience too. for example, Nikhat, an artist sells prints on Instagram, but she also rewards her loyal customers with aesthetic videos of her painting and sketching.


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A post shared by Nikhat Sheikh (@nikhatillustrations)

Now that you have created a presence on Instagram, let us discuss how to accept payments.

How to accept online payments on Instamojo

You can’t share a link with your Instagram pictures. A lot of product sales inquiries will come as comments and direct messages on Instagram. Map them regularly. Here is how you can accept payments on Instagram:

1. Sign up with Instamojo and create your account. Follow the verification steps. It should take a few minutes to approve your account after you have uploaded your KYC.

2. Get your own Payment handle: While you are signing up with Instamojo, @username is your payment handle (Pretty much like your Instagram handle). This automatically creates your link as This is like a simple product listing page where all your payment links will appear to others. You can create these product links by clicking on the “Create a Payment link” in your Instamojo dashboard.

Share the product link with your customers in a direct message to let them buy your product. As soon as your customer buys the product, you are notified via email.

4. Use Instapay or Request a Payment: If you don’t want to create separate links for each product, just send your payment handle ( to your customers via messages. They will land on your Instapay page as where they can make a payment.

You can also request payments directly from your Instamojo dashboard. Here is how: Request a Payment with Instamojo

Too long? Let’s see how you can sell on Instagram using Instamojo with a simple video.

Selling on any social media channel is not an easy task, but if you keep at following the right practices and experiment with your marketing techniques, you can reach your sales target with time. Give it a chance.

Why wait?

Start Selling on Instagram Now!   

We’re looking forward to seeing you start selling on Instagram. Let us know how it works out for you in the comments below. Happy ‘grammin’!