Top Instagram hashtags for small businesses to gain followers in 2022

hashtags for small businesses
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2022)

Instagram is the number one social media platform preferred by small businesses in India, and what gets your posts on Instagram noticed? Hashtags! However, you need to know what hashtags suit your business best and bring the results you set for your social media marketing.

In this blog, we will show you a few top hashtags for small businesses to gain followers and increase engagement in 2022.

We also discuss:

  1. Why are hashtags important?
  2. What hashtags are trending for small businesses?
  3. How to find and use hashtags for small businesses?

1. Why are hashtags important?

If you, like 500 million other Indians use Instagram for personal or business reasons, you would have noticed posts carrying ‘hashtags’ below the captions. For example – #nofilter, #smallbusinessstaurday, #instagramforbusiness and many more.

Hashtags are clickable, which allows your customers to discover your content with just one click of the hashtag.

Hashtags for small businesses are especially helpful in increasing your Instagram audience base. You can even create your own hashtag!

Customers like to follow hashtags that are relevant to them. For example, if you include #healthyliving hashtags in your caption below a post, customers who follow this hashtag can find your post easily.


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You can use up to 30 hashtags per post! These include –

  • Location-based hashtags (#bangalore, #india, #sikkimtravelling),
  • Daily hashtags (#mondayblues, #soulsunday)
  • Seasonal hashtags (#christmasseason, #holidays, #summerdiscounts)
  • Business hashtags (#smallbusinessowners, #vocal4local)
  • Branded hashtags – Your own hashtag (#instamojo, #instamojoseller)

However, not all the popular hashtags out there are the most effective for your business. You need to pick those which your customers are looking for, and capitalise on them!

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2. What hashtags are trending for small businesses?

According to multiple sources, these are the top hashtags you need to use, based on the different categories that fit your business best.

Small business-focused hashtags

The ‘#smallbusiness’ has surpassed over 10 million mentions on Instagram, with #smallbusinessowner at 6 million. According to best-hashtags, these are the top trending under the keyword small business:

  1. #smallbusiness
  2. #supportsmallbusiness
  3. #handmade
  4. #shoplocal
  5. #shopsmall
  6. #smallbusinessowner
  7. #entrepreneur
  8. #supportlocal
  9. #business
  10. #fashion
  11. #love
  12. #localbusiness
  13. #etsy
  14. #marketing
  15. #etsyshop
  16. #businessowner
  17. #art
  18. #explorepage
  19. #homedecor
  20. #covid
  21. #instagood
  22. #startup
  23. #design
  24. #entrepreneurship
  25. #womeninbusiness
  26. #beauty
  27. #motivation
  28. #branding
  29. #smallbusinessconsulting

Choose and use these hashtags wisely for your posts. If this list is exhaustive, you can find out what hashtags are currently trending by visiting the ‘All Hashtags website and enter your keyword.

Once you do, it will show you the top hashtags that will boost your post in the explore section of your target audience.

Entrepreneur focused hashtags


  1. #entrepreneurial
  2. #startups
  3. #entrepreneursofinstagram
  4. #entrepreneurspirit
  5. #entrepreneurship
  6. #Entrepreneurs
  7. #Entrepreneurlife
  8. #entrepreneurlifestyle
  9. #entrepreneurmindset
  10. #entrepreneurial
  11. #entrepreneursofinstagram
  12. #entrepreneurwoman
  13. #EntrepreneurTips

A little branding for your business never did wrong. While focusing on product-centric hashtags, try and push a little self-branding too; #mompreneur, #womenrunbusinesses, #selfmade etc.

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3. How to find and use hashtags for small businesses?

Add hashtags everywhere

Did you know you can get potential customers to visit your Instagram profile with relevant, clickable hashtags in your bio? This helps customers see your account when searching for the hashtag on Instagram.

hashtags for small businesses 2021 instamojo

You can also check for relevant hashtags while creating your post. Choose the hashtag which you believe fits your post context best, and not just the most popular one!

There could be multiple trends happening in Instagram reels at a time. Most of them will also be accompanied by a hashtag like #balenciaga, #heatwaves etc.

In order to get a chance for better discoverability, use the hashtags that are trending and are relevant for your reels video. This will help to increase your reel views.

relevant hashtags for businesses

Use hashtags that your audience looks for

Do you sell handmade sarees? Or maybe ayurvedic cosmetic products? Or face masks? Either way, you need to know what your customer wishes to buy from you.

This means you need to know what they search for. You can do so by finding out in the Instagram search bar itself!

The social media giant’s tool can give you some additional information about which hashtags your network/community care about.

relevant hashtags for your business

Encourage others to use your branded hashtags

Once you create a branded hashtag for your business, encourage your audience to include it in their testimonials posts. Include this branded hashtag in your Instagram bio. Your branded hashtags could be plenty.

For example – our prominent hashtags are #instamojosmallbusinesses #iheartlocal #buylocal #instamojoonlinestore #paymentsoninstamojo and more.

Hide hashtags

Do not clutter your post with too many hashtags. In fact, try and minimise your use of hashtags as your Instagram posts gain likes and impressions.

Here’s a pro tip: hide your hashtags in the first and second comments of your post. This way, your customers will not see it as soon as they find your post in the explore section. 

hashtags in comments - Rashmi Punjabi

Use Instagram tools to check what hashtag suits you

Got an Instagram for a business profile? You can see how many impressions each hashtag generated for you by clicking on ‘View insights’ beneath your post.

Instagram insights

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Sell on #Instamojo with #Instagram

If your small business has an Instagram profile, link it to your online store on Instamojo to attract more audience! Add your Instagram link to your online store and add your store link to the bio!

Hashtags can take your small business a long way. You just have to do good planning and execute it!

Set up your online store

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