A Free Public Speaking Course For Entrepreneurs

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2021)


If you have been working on overcoming your hesitation of speaking publicly, we have just the right thing for you – a free public speaking course, custom-made for entrepreneurs like you!

This February, we partnered with WordsMaya – an EdTech startup empowering young professionals and entrepreneurs develop and hone their communication and presentation skills.

Let us learn more about these skills and the mojoVersity public speaking course for entrepreneurs.

What is public speaking?

One thing that comes to our mind when we hear or think the word public speaking is addressing a large audience on a dais or stage. While this is correct, public speaking also entails how your conduct yourself socially, even off-stage.

In current times public speaking is understood as giving face to face speech to a Live audience. However, traditionally public speaking was considered to be a part of the art of persuasion – a skill all entrepreneurs must possess.

Why are good public speaking skills important for entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur you are the biggest advocate and promoter of your business. Your personal brand extends and blends with your business brand. This is where your public speaking skills come into play.

A good personal brand is great for your business growth. Healthier your personal brand, higher your business growth!

As an entrepreneur, public speaking skills are important because they:

  • help you build a better personal brand
  • improve your confidence level while giving important presentations to a potential customer or an investor
  • teach and enhance your leadership skills
  • motivate you to think from the audience’s perspective, thus encouraging critical thinking
  • most importantly, develop your skills of persuasion and help you become a thought leader in your industry

When you look fit together the pieces of these benefits together, it completes the puzzle of building and growing your business.

Challenges of public speaking

Source: https://brandongaille.com/

Many entrepreneurs find public speaking an intimidating task, and face undiagnosed glossophobia – fear of public speaking – during the entire course of their professional and personal life!

Check for any of these symptoms to verify if you suffer from glossophobia:

  • avoid social contact due to fear of ending up talking to public
  • avoid speaking in front of others by continually making excuses
  • getting cold feet just with the thought of having to speak with or before an unfamiliar audience
  • sweaty palms and increased heart rate  before getting on a stage or starting your speech

A free mojoVersity ‘Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs’ course: Highlights

In this mojoVersity course by our partner Wordsmaya.com, you will learn:

  1.  How to speak confidently
  2. Small talk tips
  3. Conversation fillers to delay your answers
  4. How to ask right questions to get the right answers
  5. How to keep the audience hooked
  6. Do’s & Don’ts of public speaking

What’s more, you also get a FREE certificate after you complete the course. Take the quiz after the chapters to assess your knowledge and download the certificate.

Why choose this public speaking course?

There are a variety of public speaking courses online but just one among them all is tailored for an entrepreneur – which implies understanding and addressing the exact challenges faced by an entrepreneur to be an effective public speaker.

You should choose this free course on public speaking because:

  • This course is in interactive video format
  • There is a quiz at the end of the course to test your knowledge of GST
  • You get a verified, downloadable certificate by WordsMaya and mojoVersity on course completion
  • IT’S FREE!

How does mojoVersity work?

All courses on mojoVersity are short, crisp, and crafted by industry experts to help you be the best at what you do. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up with email
  2. Enroll in any course for FREE Log-in any time you want from any device to watch the videos
  3. Take a quiz at the end of the course
  4. Download your verified certificate on course completion
  5. Become a domain expert in under 60 minutes! Get started with your learning experience on mojoVersity today.



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