5 Tips and Tricks to Sell Better on Instagram

How to sell on Instagram

Ever wanted to sell your product on Instagram? Or wondered why your page isn’t getting enough followers? Here are the 5 tips to stand out and sell better on Instagram:


1. Switch to a Business Profile

instagram business profile

If you’re new to selling on Instagram, you might not realize there’s an option to turn your account into a business profile. To get a business profile, you’ll need to also have a Facebook Business Page to connect it to. Making the switch will give you helpful insights into the performance of your posts, which you can use to improve your content strategy down the road. It will also help you to sell better on Instagram and increase your sales. 

2. Create Shoppable Posts

If you’re an e-commerce seller who uses Shopify, Instagram is rolling out a new program this year that allows you to create “Shoppable Posts.”

With your business profile, your shoppable posts will include a special shopping bag icon your audience can click to view more of your products and pricing and this will help you sell better on Instagram

Users can browse your product details right in Instagram, then click the “Shop Now” button to visit your website and add the item to their shopping cart.

This feature is currently in beta but will be available to a larger chunk of sellers soon. Keep an eye out so you can take advantage of this to sell better on Instagram.

3. Use all of Instagram’s features

Regular photo posts are by far the most popular content-type people share on Instagram. But if you use all of Instagram’s features, you can stand out more to your audience.

For example, Instagram Stories allows you to post short videos that disappear each day. They also have filters, just like Snapchat.

The great thing about Stories is that they show up at the top of your followers’ feeds, instead of buried down with other posts.

You can also create permanent video posts that appear in regular feeds. Shoot a video that demonstrates the value of your product to help increase your sales.

4. Use Instagram ads

Instagram ads help you to target very specific audiences to see your posts, and control how much you spend, how long the ad runs, etc.

For starters, you can simply “boost” posts you’ve already shared on Instagram to get more reach. Instagram helps you with this by automatically creating a target audience similar to your current followers.

Beyond boosting posts, you can also create ads optimized to highlight your products, such as carousel ads.

5. Work with influencers

If you want to really sell better on Instagram, partnering with influencers is a must. Enlist the help of regular people to recommend your products to their niche audience. For example, if you run a clothing brand, you can work with fashion influencers like this one to show off your products:

Local influencers can help boost sales as well, especially for regional stores or mom and pop shops.

If you’re running a sale or promotion, provide your influencers with promo codes that their audience can redeem.

What does every business need to know about Instagram? 

Instagram is constantly changing, adding new features and unique ways for businesses to reach their target audience with their products. Did you know you could sell on Instagram using Instamojo? This video explains it all – 

Start out with small, with the 5 tips, and you’ll optimize your content better than the majority of sellers out there. Beyond that, just be on the lookout for future updates that you can take advantage of to stay ahead of the game.

Michael Quoc is the CEO of Zipfworks, a tech company creating e-commerce products for the modern world. One such product, Dealspotr, connects brands, shoppers, and influencers around promo codes in new and exciting ways. Previously, Michael led the Product Management team at Yahoo’s media lab, launching one of the world’s first mobile social networks and one of the first live video streaming communities. Catch up with Michael on Twitter.


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