5 Affordable Shipping Services in India for Online Businesses


Ecommerce shipping services in India are saving the day – with quick delivery, tracking services and intra-city delivery.  Logistics services are proving pivotal for eCommerce sustenance and growth. 

How shipping for small business in India can help eCommerce grow

According to an article by Financial Express, only 20% of small businesses offer online services currently, leaving a largely untapped market for the growth of the logistics sector. 

When the pandemic hit India full swing, logistics got impacted but eCommerce saw a massive rise, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. 

A report by ET states that Ecommerce in India grew by 36% in 2020, with websites showing a 94% volume growth! 

Therefore, if you wish to set up a business online, you need a reliable fast-delivery partner. Here’s how you choose one. 

How to decide the right delivery partner for your business

Technology-driven shipping partners 

There are 3 essential components for on-time shipping: ordering, pick-up, and delivery. Does your chosen delivery partner offer timely tracking of orders and provide updates via SMS or email? Ensure your shipping service has a consolidated system where you can track and share updates with your customers as much as you can. 

Cheap shipping services 

Shipping should not be too expensive. There are many product delivery services in India that come with affordable rates, depending on where you wish to ship your products to. Here are 6 ways you can reduce your shipping costs before choosing a delivery partner. 

Same-day delivery options 

Did you know that over 50% of your customers are willing to pay extra for faster delivery? Over 80% of customers want same-day shipping, according to a KPMG report. Check to see if your shipping service offers same-day delivery, intra-city delivery and the new ‘last-mile’ delivery system; priority delivery for customers!

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Online Reviews 

Do a little digging on Twitter to know if your chosen shipping service is reliable or has a history of not adhering to the ‘Fragile’ sticker on the box. 


Also, check if your delivery partnerships to tier 2 and tier 3 towns. According to a report by ET, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities accounted for a 90% YoY incremental volume. If your customers place an order and find out that you do not ship to their location, chances are they will not return to the same website/store in the near future. 

5 Cheapest Shipping Services in India:

Individual shipping services for your small business 

These are independent shipping services you can approach to ship your products all over India. 

1. FedEx

FedEx is one of the most popular shipping services globally, and in India, It is definitely one of the most reliable. Recently, FedEx also launched a small business focused shipping platform that gives – 

  • Fast, reliable, shipping solutions
  • Special discounts and rewards based on how much and how often you ship
  • Time-saving tools and helpful advice tailored to your unique needs
  • Access to a dedicated team who’s on hand to work with you

Check out their shipping services here 

2. Ecom Express  

Since we discussed technology-driven shipping services, Ecom Express might just be what you need. The end-to end logistics solution provider gives focus on speed to, with same-day delivery and covers over 27,000+ pin codes.

Check out Ecom Express rates here 

3. India Post

Ideal for small businesses that are just starting out, India Post is the Government-run delivery service trusted by most SMEs in the country. With affordable rates and perhaps the widest each in all India, India Post also offers ‘business parcel’ – a premium service to suit business’s needs for an economical distribution solution. 

Check out India Post for your business delivery here 

Shipping aggregators to add to your website/eCommerce store


Speaking of economical, Shiprocket, a relatively newer logistics provider offers several discounts for SMEs and have partnered with FedEx and other independent shipping services to increase mobility and accessibility for shipping. Rates start at ₹29/- for 500 gms. 

Check out Shiprocket rates for your business 


We have over 1.5 million small businesses on our platform. To ease shipping woes and make their business deliveries happen easier, we set up mojoXpress – guaranteed to reduce shipping time by half! In partner’ship’ with Vamaship, we set up mojoXpress exclusively for all Instamojo sellers; which means scheduled pickups, package tracking, and more. 


To add, you can also set up a premium online store and avail mojoXpress as a bonus! Setting up an eCommerce store with us is easy, and we are there to help you the whole way. 



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