Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools For Small Businesses

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2022)

As a small business marketer, where do you turn to for meaningful social media analytics?

Small businesses know the importance of social media marketing – to boost sales and get more customers. But how do you go about tracking social media analytics for your campaigns?

In this blog, we will explore some of the top social media analytics tools – both free and paid, that your business can use to track metrics set in your social media marketing plan.

Let’s begin with:

What is social media analytics?

Small businesses should view social media analytics as – gathering data from social media to inform marketers and guide their marketing strategy to achieve goals.

When you pay close attention to your social media analytics, it becomes easier for you to see what is working for your social media goals.

To make this happen, you have social media analytics tools.

Social media analytics tools are used to measure performance and analyze your strategy. Do not confuse it with social media management tools – these exist to help you plan and schedule your social media content.

Social Media Analytics Tools for Small Business Marketers to know:

Google analytics

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The most popular social media analytics tool for small businesses. Google Analytics is ideal to analyse website traffic. You can also track social media. How can you do this?

Google Analytics allows you to track social media as a marketing channel and source of traffic. Click Acquisition > Overview > Social, and you can check the many visits your site receives from each of the major social networks.

You can use the numbers and statistics provided here to tie it to your conversion goals for social media.

Google Analytics is not purely meant for social media analytics, but you can use the below-mentioned features for free:

  • Social referral traffic
  • Traffic flow – organic
  • Social conversions

3 reasons to use Google analytics:

  • Track which platform users are interacting with you most.
  • Analyze social media’s value as a channel using conversions.
  • Check how your customers landing on your site using UTM parameters

You can also use Google analytics with your Instamojo account. Check it out here.


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If Facebook is your primary social media tool, this analytics tool is perfect for you. Quintly helps you track analytics for your Facebook Page and allows you to access analytics for up to three Facebook pages.

It provides you detailed insights on prominent engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and followers.

Quintly quantifies the strength of your social media pages and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It illustrates data through maps, graphs, and charts as you select accounts to monitor.

What Quintly measures for your social media:

  • Shares, replies, and retweets for your posts
  • The response rate – how fast a user shares/checks your social media posts and answers questions.
  • User growth base – how are you gaining/losing followers

Unlike Google analytics, Quintly is not free, although there is a trial period. Each price tier gives you unlimited data, plus features such as data exportation to Excel and PowerPoint. The plans are mainly divided by how many profiles you can track.

Why should small businesses use this tool? Your business can benefit from using Quintly mainly to track other businesses social media activities.



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Buffer works as both a scheduling and social media analytical tool.  The tool comes as both Free and paid, depending on what plan you opt for. Buffer suggests the best time for marketers to schedule or publish their social media posts.

The tool also highlights the best-performing post when a particular post exceeds average performance.  It also allows the user to track and analyze performance across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

What Buffer Measures for your social media:

  • Instagram Stories analytics
  • Posting strategy recommendations
  • Create professional reports in as few as two clicks


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Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management and analytical tool used by marketers today. The tool shows you what type of content is working best for your plan. Besides this,  it also helps to improve and to increase the reach of your posts through ads.

What Hootsuite does for your social media:

  • Customizable reports with data taken from 200 metrics with a PDF, Excel/PowerPoint export format feature.
  • Measure your customer care team’s response and resolution time on Facebook and Twitter.

With Hootsuite, you can enjoy all their features for 30 days for free!



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Small businesses want to quickly identify trends and measure their brand power against competitors. For this, Simplify 360 is definitely the tool you need.

The tool allows you to analyse what your customers are saying about you and allows you to work on a response.

With Simplify 360, you are aware of your brand’s social image on major social networks. Audience intelligence

What Simplify 360 measures for your social media:

  • Industry trend monitoring
  • Demographics
  • Engagement and influence scores
  • Performance comparison of different social media accounts
  • Real-time performance tracking of posted content
  • Traffic volume from various sources

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Speaking of analytics, small businesses can get in-depth insights into their customers’ traits using the Instamojo pro analytics feature.

With this app, you can boost your analytics section to get more detailed reports about your paying customers, visitors to your links/store/products, and a list of users (with their email and phone number) who dropped off before completing their payment.


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