Superpower Alert! Instamojo Convenience Fee Is Here

Instamojo Convenience Fee
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2021)

Attention online sellers! Do you want a superpower that can take your business to new highs? Try the Instamojo Convenience Fee business model.

People don’t mind shelling out a little extra for the ease of availing a service or product. This little flat fee (or the percentage of the total amount) that a business charges its customers for the “privilege” of a specific mode of payment is called “Convenience Fee.”

There are several online businesses that use the convenience fee model.

This is generally used as a source of revenue or to cover operational costs that are also called “Internet Handling Fees.” One of the best examples of the convenience fee model is BookMyShow:

Internet Handling Fees

So? What About It?

You can now enable Convenience Fee for your Instamojo account as well!

Our latest feature – Instamojo Convenience Fee – allows you to automatically pass on the Instamojo transaction fee to your buyers.

On enabling the feature, the transaction fee on your sales will be levied on your customer. The final amount you receive in your bank account will be the same as the amount you created the payment link for.

How Instamojo Convenience Fee works:

1. You create a payment link of Rs 1000 and send it to your customer.
2. Customer clicks on the link to pay the amount that includes a convenience fee of Rs 38.94 (3% + Rs 3 + GST).
3. Customer pays Rs 1038.94 in total.
4. You get Rs 1000 in your bank account after 3 business days of payment.

You get what you charge!

Give your customers the choice to pay via any mode: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets, and UPI without any additional cost to your business! You can even use Instamojo along with the usual NEFT option you may be offering to your customers.

What’s more?

You can always disable the convenience fee, should you wish to discontinue the feature. Just head over to your dashboard and click on settings on the right top corner of your dashboard.

Go to “Payment Settings” and Switch on/off the convenience fee, whenever you want!

convenience fee new rate instamojo


Try a new way of collecting payments online today! Try the Instamojo experience.


  1. Here is some feedback you need to improve in your payment gateway.
    If buyer purchase product from eCommerce website using Instamojo payment gateway owned by the merchant,The customer get instant mail from Instamojo Mentioned with higlighted font for REFUND the amount,Every time customer applies for the Refund in just few hours after placing the order. Istamojo should remove that Refund option from the mail., If required, Instamojo can mention for the “help centre”,Sometimes customer used this facility for minor queries and creates a case against merchant.
    This is very serious issue merchant suffers alot.
    Although it is very approachable payment gateway and fair transaction.
    As I am Happy Customer of Instamojo.

  2. Feature is great but issue is about tax invoice for that convenience fee ? Customers are asking for the same. Instamojo should provide separate invoice to those who from deducted convenience fees.

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  4. That’s a great feature. I was really thinking about how to provide direct payment feature to my customers and still not bear the payment charges. Now I provide them with instant payments (with charges) or pay later (without charges). Great…

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