Why Businesses Should Prioritize Social Media Marketing

Why Businesses Should Prioritize Social Media Marketing

Did you know India has about 250 million social media users? Imagine the number of potential customers you can reach via an effective social media marketing plan.

Starting off a business is only the first step to the multitudes that follow. Engaging your customers with the latest you have to offer can go miles in promoting your business organically. With a major population of Indian users now active on social media, it is now easier to attract more customers to your business.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be prioritizing social media marketing:

  •  Wider global reach:

Social media is an amazing tool to help reach potential customers and past customers coming back to you.

Social media platforms generally give you access to demographic reports of anyone that engage with your business profile. Depending on your audience, you can customize your marketing strategy to appeal and engage them.  Happy customers are also likely to talk about you, making it an ideal way to grow organically.

  • Cost effective: 

Leverage the power of social media with low-cost advertising to promote your content, business, and product offerings. Social media platforms also come with the added benefit of engaging audiences globally at prices lower than traditional means.

With social media, you can create content and promote it in a cost-effective fashion. Additionally, your content can be accessed long after it’s published, thereby increasing its reach and shelf life.

  • Encourages two-way communication:

When businesses engage their customers online, they add a more humane touch to building a bond with customers. Social media is also an easy way of understanding the customers you cater to. Knowing their likes, interests and even their behavior can help you as a business pivot and grow.

You can even collect inputs and feedback from customers easily on social media. These inputs can prove useful for product development and the overall growth of your business. Besides, it is always easier to respond immediately.

  • Let customers know about your business:

Your social media accounts become the go-to place for all queries regarding your business or products. Help your customers understand your product offerings by regularly updating your information online. Talking about updates on social media allow users to read about you on their news feed.

Connect with customers instantly and share links to your newsletters, blogs, and social media posts on your accounts. Additionally, you can also use the platforms to let customers know about events, promotions, webinars and more that you have planned for your customers.

  • Boost traffic and your SEO:

With an effective social media marketing strategy, you can boost inbound traffic and your search ranking. Ensure you put out high quality, shareable content which is a value-add to your customers. It is essential to also optimize your page, to allow for the most through social media marketing.

While Facebook and Twitter ensure engagement and traffic, platforms like Quora help you demonstrate your expertise. Giving advice, providing relevant information, answering customer queries about your product or its offerings, help you become a person of authority for the business or sector you are in.

  • Level playing ground:

Social media marketing is easier for bigger companies to make an impression with larger budgets and more influencers ready to hop on board. But, the nature of customers is to look for something new and more appealing. This gives smaller businesses a chance to engage potential customers. This can be done with an attractive strategy of putting across inspiring content and carrying out engagements with early adopters.

A good social media marketing strategy allows customers to find their way to your website and also shop with you. Providing seamless and secure transactions covers the last mile with easy transactions.

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