What Happened In Instamojo in 2015?

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2023)

Hi, I am Sampad, CEO here at Instamojo. This is a yearly report on Instamojo, and a gratitiude letter to you – our customers.

We have something special in store for you.

The year 2015 has been a remarkable year for everyone associated with us.

Almost 42,000+ new sellers & merchants have added themselves to growing Instamojo platform which is almost 12+ times or 1200+% more than what we added in 1st year of operations. 

Meanwhile, we clocked almost 39 times or 3900+% more transactions that we did in 1st year of operations from almost 500,000+ unique consumers. And that’s just the start for us…

This goes onto show the trust & faith that sellers & merchants along with consumers have showered on us. We feel extremely humble and uniquely proud to serve you.

We grew, and grew – thanks to you!

Alongside, truth be told that while we have been growing, we have faced multiple glitches too like server downtimes, product bugs, at times unresponsive support issues to name a few.

Today, I want to come clean and comfort you by saying that each & every team member at Instamojo works tirelessly, oftentimes beyond human working hours to resolve every issue/ticket that’s been raised on social media, email, our support help-lines or elsewhere. So in 2016, we will put more effort behind maintaining the trust without compromising the excellence we preach, internally and externally.

Here’s a mojoite wrote about our philosophy and captured its very essence:

At Instamojo, we believe that access to payments should be a basic, product-driven commodity service, available to every legitimate, law-abiding business. The value (and consequently, the monetisation) should be derived from the experiences that we build and services we provide around the payment process.

We’re building a business where our financial outcome is intertwined with the financial outcomes of the businesses we serve. We do this by helping them sell, when they are small, manage their business once they’re set up and grow their business once they get established; instead of playing the zero sum game of digging into their margins when they’re struggling to get off the ground. In doing this we’ve democratised the actual process of payments and become deeply invested in the success of the businesses we serve.

Alongside, we have released multiple products & features which I’m sure will make your life better, simpler & more efficient. And 2016 would be no different. I have covered some of the things we are experimenting, testing & will be investing time & resources are covered by me on Quora.

Some of the big-ticket releases & news in 2015 have been:

+ We started 2015 by slashing our fees to 1.9% — this was one of our 1st moves towards standardizing payment processing fees in India.

+ Released Instapay to make it simpler to move money.

+ Launched “Request a Payment (RAP)” to charging clients/customer via email/SMS in 1-click.

+ Brewed a completely revamped dashboard and design which works seamlessly across web, mobile & tablet.

+ New set of APIs and plugins and much more.

We have some big ideas and ambition for 2016. We are surely going to use our learnings from 2015 to help us navigate. That wouldn’t have been possible without your unending support & patience that you have shown us.

For 2016, some of the big ticket releases will be:

+ Free online web-store with better design, helping you to sell more from a single-window.

+ Instamojo Appstore will come in handy more with more apps which helps you manage your business.

+ Provide more insights about sales, transactions and trend via analytics that will help you scale and grow rapidly.

And much more such initiatives which will deliver a wholesome experience for sellers, merchants & consumers. And this wouldn’t have been possible without YOU. I want to thank you and wish you a very fulfilling 2016 and may all of us exceed our own resolutions.