Youtube for eCommerce growth: An untapped opportunity

Youtube for eCommerce
(Last Updated On: April 29, 2022)

Do you know that 80% of people like buying an item when they have seen a video about it? Despite that, Youtube for small eCommerce businesses has been a relatively untapped opportunity.

You are missing out on the millions of people  (122 million to be exact) who are browsing through Youtube EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This is is your sign to grab the opportunity.

Read on to know why marketing on Youtube can be your next best decision.

Youtube for eCommerce: Accelerating discovery for DTC brands 

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. So it’s safe to say a large portion of your target market is browsing on Youtube. And you now know videos are an effective marketing strategy to get more purchasers. 

Once you start creating and posting regular content, you are directly increasing your chances of getting discovered. 

On Youtube, your content needs to create awareness about the product that you are selling online, and subsequently show your audiences why your product creates value in their life. 

You can do this by creating content that shows:

  • How your product solves a particular problem 
  • Testimonial videos can show social proof of people liking your product
  • Behind the scenes to build trust and empathy with your audience

Once a person sees the video about your product or your business and their curiosity is piqued, that is when they would want to visit your website. 

The plus point?

Posting quality video content also helps you rank better on Google’s search results. So when you use Youtube for your marketing strategy, you are increasing your chances of getting discovered on two separate platforms. 

Youtube for eCommerce: Get more sales on your online store 

Once people discover your videos and also start developing an emotional bond with you, how do you convert them to sales? 

Youtube offers a host of features that you can use to link your online store to the platform. For example: 

You could pin your online store in the comments section as we have done here – 

Youtube for eCommerce


You could use features like community posts, banner images, and description boxes to provide links to your store or to different products on your store. 

See how DTC eCommerce brands like Tax By kk, Plum Goodness, and Bombay Shaving Company have used them.

Youtube for eCommerce Youtube for eCommerce

Youtube for eCommerce


Need a complete guide on how to get started on Youtube to grow your eCommerce business? 

Enroll in the free course on mojoVersity – an online learning platform powered by Instamojo, and see your online store become a Youtube sensation! 

This course will teach you the basics of setting up a Youtube account, the kinds of content that you should be creating, analytics, how to run ads, tools, resources and so much more.

Watch this video to know more about the course:

Enroll in the free course

Youtube for eCommerce: Reach genuine customers through paid ads 

According to performance marketing company Adyogi – by spending just 20% of the marketing budget on YouTube, a brand can double the volume of traffic coming on the website.

Although, the ads will only work if the ad visuals and copy are engaging and strike a chord with your audience. 

Paid ads are a quick and effective way to reach more audiences on youtube. The best part? Since you can choose the demographics, interests, and location of your target audience, you can ensure that only genuinely interested consumers are clicking on the ads. 

 Google youtube ads

You can also engage in performance marketing – where you only pay for the ads that your consumers have actually engaged with. 

“As more brands begin to realize the true power of YouTube as a channel, ad spending will go up. It may not be a big surprise if YouTube overtakes Facebook and Instagram in terms of ad spends over the next 2-3 years, especially for the DTC sector” –  Rohin Mittal, Co-founder,  Adyogi.

You need to market and promote your online store on as many channels as possible for maximum engagement.

With an online store on Instamojo, you can integrate it with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping. You can also create quick links that you can post in different locations on Youtube! 

Try it out for free and then upgrade for just ₹10/day!  

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