The best eCommerce CRM for strong customer relationships

Answer queries, manage orders, get in touch with leads and do much more with Instamojo eCommerce CRM features.

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Build loyalty for your online business
with our eCommerce CRM

The right CRM for small businesses can help you communicate effectively with customers and
decide the right strategy to engage your audience. Explore our powerful CRM features.

eCommerce CRM

Know your customers
and prospects

Understand your prospects and convert them into loyal customers. Use the Instamojo eCommerce CRM to engage existing customers and add value to their shopping experience with you.

Take the right actions to reduce customer friction

Reach out to your customers through channels like email, phone, whatsapp and offer services that suit their needs. Engage with your audience regularly to resolve their concerns and build relationships.

eCommerce CRM
eCommerce CRM

Get detailed insights about your audience

Get a deeper understanding of how your customers interact with your online store. Be it abandoned carts, wish lists, payment drop-off, or just an inquiry, you get to interact with your customers the way you want to.

Get bulk reports and
automated emails

Download customer reports in bulk to send impactful communication to your customers. The eCommerce CRM can help you automate processes and sync leads with your email platform to help you save time and focus on things that matter.

eCommerce CRM

How to use an eCommerce CRM
to grow your online business

Check out these detailed guides and tips on how to interact with your customers and use an
eCommerce CRM to delight, engage, and retain your customers.

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eCommerce CRM (Customer
Relationship Management) FAQs

Looking for something in particular? Try these FAQs. You can also search in the
Instamojo Support Center or write to

What is Instamojo eCommerce CRM?

How to use Instamojo eCommerce CRM
for small businesses?

What is the difference between a
customer and a prospect?

What are the different things that I can do with
an eCommerce CRM tool?

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