6 Ways to Get More Sales From Existing Customers

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2021)

Sales executives have one BIG job – to create that one successful sale into repeat sales to grow your business. In short, focus on sales from existing customers.

We do a lot of things to grow our business, especially the sales and customer base. What we really need to do is, value our existing customers.

Repeat customers are the key to increasing the profitability of any small or big business. The source of many successful businesses is a steady and loyal repeat customer base.

How to get sales from existing customers

All business owners would agree to the fact that it is easier to sell your products or services to an existing customer than establishing a fresh relationship with a new customer. Once you have managed to strike a sale with a customer, you have managed to gain his trust. He has now experienced the service that is provided. He has used your product, trusts your payment structure, packaging, shipping, and even the post-sales services that you provide (if needed).

When you gain your customers’ trust you also gain his loyalty which leads to recommendations bringing in new customers. But all this happens only if you have delivered as per your promises and gained your customers’ trust not otherwise.

1. Treat your buyers well

If you want your existing buyers to bring in more customers, make sure you treat them well. You have to make sure that their first experience is a positive one. If they are in a dilemma help choose what best suits their needs.

Offer free shipping. Make sure that they are happy with what they have purchased. Also, provide prompt and convenient post-sales customer support. Channelize your high-cost marketing towards your big-spenders so that they keep coming back.

2. Keep in touch

As popularly said ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ So don’t forget your buyers after one sale, do keep connected with them through regular mailers and newsletters. Communicate relevant and valuable content to your buyers.

The frequency and content of these emails should be monitored well or you shall end up with a place in the spammers’ list. Social media is also a convenient platform to connect with your audience.

3. Know your buyer

Keep a track of your customers purchasing patterns and send them details about similar products that you sell. If a buyer has a history of buying organic products, he might like to know when more such products available or if any discounts are announced on them.

This kind of relevant information may help you strike another sale.

4. Value addition

Who does not like a freebie, a gift hamper or a discount voucher, there are many ways you can pamper your loyal customers and stay in their good books. Sometimes even a reward point system or loyalty bonus points manage to do the trick.

5. Consumer feedback

Has the buyer liked the product? Is he satisfied with it or not? Always keep your ears open for any feedback. Also, make sure you act on it promptly. You could also ask them fun questions in a quiz to find out what they really like and want. If you care about your buyer and show it, you are sure to make a second sale.

6. Show some gratitude

Remember what your mommy taught you ‘always say Thank You’. A little note saying ‘Thank you Send an email or a note with the package might just do the trick, even better if it is handwritten or personalized.

All this must not seem very alien to you. To sum this up we can say that marketing does not end with a sale in fact that is when it really begins. Let us know if these tips helped you value your customers and grow your business.

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