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How Instamojo referrals work

Get a ₹500 cash bonus when your referred business collects the first payment. Get a ₹1,000 cash bonus when referred business subscribes to the Growth annual plan of the Instamojo online store.


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other businesses

Share referral code with
businesses. They sign up with
your code & collect first payment.

cash bonus

Get cash bonus when referred
business collects payment/
subscribes to premium online store.

Introduce fellow businesses to the
ultimate eCommerce experience

Your referrals get a flat ₹1,000 off on the Growth annual plan subscription. They also get 5000 mojoPlus loyalty points that can be redeemed against Instamojo transaction fees, shipping services, and more.

Online Store

Sell anything online with your own eCommerce
website. Get integrated payments, shipping,
marketing tools, and more.


India’s first loyalty program for online
businesses. Earn points and redeem against
Instamojo & other services.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Looking for something in particular? Try these FAQs. You can also search in the Instamojo Support Center or write to

When will I get a cash bonus of ₹1,000?

Note : It might take upto 30 days to process your cash bonus once the subscription is made.

When will I get a cash bonus of ₹500?

You will be get your cash bonus when all 3 of the below conditions are met:

  • The business that signed up with your code has submitted their documents and been verified by Instamojo. Please note users with trial accounts are not eligible.
  • The business you referred has received at least one INR payment (via credit card, debit card, net banking or UPI) from a customer.
  • Both, you and your referred business, meet our referral terms and comply with Instamojo terms of service.

Is there an upper limit on the referral bonus I
can earn?

Can my referral bonus be rejected?

Your referral bonuses can be rejected if you are:

  • Signing up with different email ids and referring
  • Making a payment to your own account to register a
    successful transaction.
  • Requesting another person to make a payment to
    you for a non-business transaction.
  • Referring someone who doesn’t have a valid business, and entering invalid details like wrong website/business description etc
  • Spamming on random sites/groups so people sign up with your link
  • Non-compliant with our referral terms and Instamojo terms of service

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