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Our eCommerce website features are tailor-made for your business. Sell a collection of courses directly to your customers, build a community around your brand, and watch your business grow!



Pick from a variety of domains that fit your brand. Our domains make it easy for you to get noticed on search engines and social media. Plus, secure your own identity on the internet.

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Choose from 20+ captivating pre-built online store themes to give your online store a visually appealing start and attract your audience from day one.

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Online payments


Enhance your eCommerce business with a flexible and reliable online payment gateway. Enjoy features like payment links, seamless payment gateway integration, and access to 100+ secure payment modes.

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Marketing feature


Get more students for your courses by using the marketing tools on your online store. Get more people interested, let more people know about your brand, and successfully sell more courses.

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How to sell courses online in India

Take your love for teaching and see it become a successful eCommerce business! Get the lowdown on how to kickstart your journey with this step-by-step guide on effortlessly selling courses online.
How to sell online courses
Select the type of courses
Before you begin making your course and looking for ways to generate profit or revenue, decide what kind of courses you want to sell. Pick your niche from options like academic courses, personal development courses, skill-based courses, language courses, professional development courses, fitness & wellness courses, and much more.
Build your online store with Instamojo
TVisit our website at Instamojo, log in to your account (or sign up if you're new), and you'll be directed to the dashboard. Begin by following the steps to creating your online store for selling courses.
Integrate payment gateway for website
When you create an online store with Instamojo, you can easily integrate a payment gateway for smooth and secure transactions. This ensures a seamless experience for your customers, enhancing the efficiency of your online business operations.
Optimise performance through analytics
Through analytics, keep a record of number of visitors, course downloads, prospects, repeat purchasers and more. Take appropriate actions based on the insights gained from these metrics.

Businesses that sell courses online
on premium Instamojo online stores

1000+ businesses leverage Instamojo’s online stores to sell and promote their courses. Explore a selection of attractive and practical stores specializing in selling courses below.

Your business is totally in your budget!

Run an online business at the cost of a chai and samosa! Premium online store plans starting at just ₹10/day.



Get a fully customisable website, perfect for businesses that are just starting out.



Get a professional looking website that impresses your customers.



Lower transaction fees and powerful features for a growing business.


Price on Request

We create your online store for you. All you need to do is relax.

FAQs on how to sell courses online

Looking for something in particular? Try these FAQs. You can also search in the
Instamojo Support Center or write to

What is the best platform for selling courses?

Which online courses are profitable?

What is an online course provider example?

How much do I need to pay to set up my online course store?

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