5 Best UPI apps for instant payments

5 Best UPI Apps For Instant Payments
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)

Want online payments that come directly into your bank account within seconds? UPI is your hero! Developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Unified Payments Interface is the future of lightening-fast payments. Here are the top five best UPI apps to start off with.

But, what is UPI?

UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a new payment mode developed by the NPCI and launched in 2016.

Built on the Immediate Payments Service (IMPS) system, think of UPI as an email address for your bank account. All you need is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) which looks something like: name@upiapp.

You can then share this with your customers/friends and they can pay you immediately. The money reaches your bank account immediately and you don’t have to wait for days or hours (Unlike a Cheque or NEFT) to receive your payments.

5 best UPI apps to get instant payments:

UPI currently has over 304 partner banks and you can generate your VPA if you have any of the bank apps. Once you’ve generated your VPA, you can start sharing it to either send or receive instant payments. You could also generate your VPA on these apps:

1. BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money):

BHIM tops our list for the best UPI apps. It is not only simple to use but also allows you to scan and pay via a QR Code or just your phone number. It is available in 13 languages so you can use it in the language you prefer.

What can you do on the BHIM app:

  • Send and receive money
  • Check your bank balance
  • Pay using Aadhaar
  • Set payment reminders
  • Split bills among other BHIM users

Just head to your Play Store/App Store and download the BHIM app. All you need to have is a valid bank account, Debit Card and Phone Number and you’re set.

2. WhatsApp Payments

Payments on WhatsApp are not out officially but more than a million users in India already have access to its Beta version. WhatsApp payments are also powered by UPI and it is the easiest way to make a transaction online.

There are a few conditions for you to have WhatsApp Payments. You need an updated version of the app and someone needs to send you an invite to get access to the feature.

What can you do with WhatsApp Payments:

  • Send and receive money
  • View your transaction history
  • Pay with QR code
  • Add multiple bank accounts

Once you’ve done that, you just have to set up your UPI on your Whatsapp and you’re good to go! WhatsApp payments are one of the best UPI apps for person-to-person payments. Want access to Whatsapp payments? Click here.

3. Google TEZ


Google’s TEZ app was launched only eight months ago and has caught on like a house-on-fire since then. Today, the app has more thanΒ  10,000,000+ downloads!

What can you do with Google Tez:

  • Send and receive money
  • Pay utility bills
  • Pay with just the phone number
Setting Google Tez up is just as simple as setting any other UPI app.

4. ICICI app UPI mode:

We had to have a bank app on this list and it had to be the ICICI bank app. The ICICI app has the smoothest and easiest UPI interfacemaking it one of the best UPI apps in town. You’ll be done getting your VPA in just about a couple clicks.

What can you do with ICICI UPI app:

  • Send and receive money.
  • Create multiple VPAs for your account.
  • Track your UPI payments.

5. Instamojo

Paying on Instamojo with UPI is super easy. If you already have a Virtual Payment Address you can use it to pay on Instamojo. The UPI option is available in the payment form along with all the other modes like Debit Card, Credit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets and even NEFT.

What can you do with Instamojo UPI?

  • You can receive payments easily on your UPI handle with Instamojo.
  • It is enabled automatically on your payment form
  • You don’t need a VPA to collect money with UPI from your customers.

Why go all the way to integrate a payment gateway when you can use Instamojo UPI instead? Start collecting payments for your business online in under two minutes and do more than just payments with Instamojo!

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  1. Strange PhonePe does not get a mention in Top 5 upi apps. It is surely better than BHIM, ICICI, Instamojo and BHIM app in terms of UI/UX and merchant use cases.

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