5 ways PulpBrew is setting itself apart from other nutrition brands

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2023)

Most people have fitness and health as important life goals. But many find restrictive diets and workout challenges difficult. Vakula Sharma, the founder of the nutrition brand – PulpBrew, believes that fitness shouldn’t be this hard or temporary.

Through their nutrition-packed smoothies, PulpBrew is advocating for small changes in your everyday life to have a holistic impact on your health and wellness.

Straight from the farm to your table, without additional preservatives or chemicals, read on to find out how PulpBrew is setting itself apart from other nutrition brands!

PulpBrew’s journey 

Vakula’s mother has always been her biggest inspiration. From the way, her mother managed the household and also ensured Vakula and her sister’s complete well being, Vakula feels nothing but pride.

After her B-Tech graduation, Vakula worked with her husband. They were successful, but Vakula wanted more. She wanted something she could call ‘hers’. Vakula’s pregnancy was the turning point in her entrepreneurial life.

Vakula recognized a gap in the market for healthy smoothies that could provide adequate nutrition for pregnant and working women and is also completely chemical-free. She then started making wholesome smoothies on her own.

What started as a personal effort for nutritious smoothies soon paved the way for a thriving small business that sells smoothies entirely made of fresh fruits or vegetables, without any additives, preservatives or sugar!

Vakula can today easily differentiate her nutrition brand from other nutrition brands on several key aspects.

1. Stays away from fads or trends 

There are a thousand health and nutrition brands out there. But what sets PulpBrew apart is that they stay away from fad words and trends. If other nutrition brands promise “faster” weight loss and excessive protein consumption, PulpBrew advocates for a holistic healthy lifestyle.

The smoothies help in having a balanced intake of all nutrition. Some smoothies are high in Omega 3s, some are high in vitamins. The smoothies can ensure that a variety of important raw veggies and fruits are a part of your daily diet.



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“People usually just keep consuming protein powder by sidelining the other nutrients. In fact, they forget that to break the protein down in your body, you need additional vitamins” – Vakula Sharma

2. Power punch in every smoothie 

All their smoothies are packed with nutrients. A single serving (one glass) of their protein smoothie singlehandedly has 18 g of protein without ANY whey powder. An impressive feat and an important differentiator with other nutrition brands! This specific recipe includes almonds, tofu, goji berries, strawberry and a little bit of vanilla essence and ginger.

All ingredients in PulpBrew smoothies are completely chemical-free, without any processing, no additives or preservatives at all and no additional sugar. They also focus on ‘raw’ ingredients as they have higher nutritional values. The team at PulpBrew attempts to source most of the ingredients directly from farmers!

PulpBrew Smoothies 2

Most importantly, PulpBrew also ensures their recipes are delicious enough so that customers don’t feel the need to add anything else to them.

3. Understands different needs

PulpBrew started keeping mothers in mind. Vakula says, mothers have to juggle a thousand different things and their own health takes a backseat. This is why PulpBrew smoothies have been a huge help to mothers especially.

A mompreneur herself, Vakula wants women everywhere to look after their own health and working mothers to lead a balanced diet. Since the smoothies are wholesome, nutrient-rich, with ‘real’ nutrients, they can be had in the place of an entire meal as a quick and easy replacement. While being completely healthy!


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These products are made mostly for working mothers, pregnant women, fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople. But Vakula strongly believes, every individual should start their day with a healthy smoothie regardless of their age and profession to build their immunity.

4. Aims to educate 

PulpBrew has shown immense dedication to educating people on the importance of having a good diet. From a blog on their page to product descriptions, Vakula wants PulpBrew to always be at its authentic best.

They really care about the health of their customers and don’t just see them as a means to make a profit. Vakula wants every individual to understand and analyse what goes into their body throughout the day and make small changes that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

As a brand, PulpBrew wants to be completely transparent about its ingredients, unlike several other nutrition brands. Most other brands sell ready to make smoothies as powders, and it is very difficult to ascertain what is in these powders. In fact, they recently also introduced transparent packaging. They want their customers to know exactly what is in one smoothie.

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PulpBrew wants to ensure that people are aware of which ingredients are important and which ingredients are chemicals so that they can become empowered when they choose from other nutrition brands.

5. Zero wastage

Pulp Brews follows a zero wastage policy which is a major differentiating factor from other nutrition brands. As part of the process at PulpBrew, ingredients like raw fruits or vegetables are brought to their facility where they are kept till ripe.

Once they are at their optimal ripe stage with the highest amount of nutrition possible, the ingredients are then peeled, chopped and then put into a blast freezer to lock in the nutrition, colour and look of the ingredients.

This process allows PulpBrew to only take in the number of raw ingredients needed for that specific batch of smoothies slashing down on the number of raw ingredients wasted or thrown away.


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Entrepreneurial advice by the founder of PulpBrew 

1. Consider looking for a co-founder

Being a mompreneur can be quite difficult. If you are an aspiring mompreneur, consider starting your venture with a co-founder. Having a co-founder can make certain parts of the business process easier.

It can become easier to look for funds, investors, physical capital, labour etc. However, do ensure that your Co-founder shares your values and is an addition to the team.

Clashing ideas about methods of working can be harmful in the longer run.

 2. Stay true to your vision 

The vision of your brand should have longevity. As a brand, your aim should be to follow that vision but to also understand that the vision can conform itself to changing needs. Staying too strict on your vision or being too relaxed, can both have adverse effects on the long term health of your small business.

Instead of having a vision that is material in nature, try envisioning the values that your brand should stand for in the long run. That way, even though some of your products may change, your intent would still fit in the larger picture.


PulpBrew Smoothies 2

Instamojo and PulpBrew

Creating an online store on Instamojo takes two minutes. But that’s not what Vakula saw as the best feature of Instamojo. For her, it was the support that she got from the Instamojo team and the dedication they showed to empowering Indian small businesses.

“The entire team managing my account was very supportive. They went beyond just setting up, and helped me with so many more things related to customization. And all at no extra cost! What they promised – they delivered. So I am really very happy.”- Vakula Sharma

PulpBrew is looking forward to expanding to more cities! Their main requirement would be to establish storage facilities in the city they want to set up in. Instamojo has been a huge help to Vakula’s endeavour and will continue to support PulpBrew as they expand!

From setting up an easy customizable free store to ensuring good inventory management, customer relationship management, and integrated shipping features, Instamojo can help you scale your small business from zero to a hundred.

If Vakula can do it, so can you! Start your online eCommerce journey today.



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