Best marketing calendar templates every team should use

Top Marketing calendar templates
(Last Updated On: August 24, 2022)

If you carry out marketing on your own for your business, you need a marketing calendar template. However, you will definitely need one even if you have a small-large marketing team.

Why do you need to maintain a marketing calendar?

Besides boosting productivity and streamlining activities for your team for days, weeks and months – a marketing calendar can also help save time.

Using marketing calendar templates take care of:

  1. Planning monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. For ambitious teams working on cycles/ prints (sales teams, engineering teams) calendars help schedule daily, weekly and monthly goals too.
  2. Keep track of important public holidays, and bank holidays to push out posts ( social calendars)
  3. Assign a task to a person in a team. This way, any member of the team can reach out to that person for updates or queries.

Our content marketing head Rapti Gupta vouches for this. In a podcast with Platform For Artists Founder-  Pawan Rochwani, Rapti spoke about how maintaining a master content calendar helped her manage team tasks better and allow her team to take breathers in between, and also have time for Adhoc work coming in.

You can watch the entire podcast here: 


In this blog, we will share with you:

  1. Sales plan templates
  2. Content calendar templates (for editorials, blogs)
  3. Social media calendar templates

Sales plan templates for marketing teams – by Smartsheets

Most companies we know, from startups to solo entrepreneurs use MS excel to maintain a calendar for the work they do and the tasks they are assigned for. Every sales and marketing team needs a basic sales plan template that helps outline goals for a specific cycle.

What else do you need a sales plan template for? Every marketing calendar template outlines the steps needed to achieve these goals.

Download the smartsheet sales template here

Smartsheet’s sales plan templates also have sections for tools, tactics, customer target metrics, competitor analysis and more.


Smartsheet sales plan template
Image credit – SmartSheet

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Content calendar templates by Trello, Coschedule

Every content writer, marketer or editor needs to maintain a marketing calendar. It is a severe understatement of how much work a content creator for a company needs to achieve on a daily basis.

Apart from daily tasks scheduled, there are constant Adhoc requests from other teams, delays in delivering the work due to edits or design changes from management.

So, you need a calendar.

Trello tool for marketing calendar templates

Trello is a scheduling tool, more than a template. However, it is one of the most commonly used team task management tools. Easy to use and a seamless setup that helps any small business track all their projects.

Trello works like a whiteboard, where your team can keep a track of tasks and move it to other statuses (in the process, completed) for the other team members to see.

Trello is free for small business accounts.

Trello samples - marketing calendar
Image credit – Trello Blog

Check out the super wide range of marketing and productivity templates by Trello 

Content calendar by CoSchedule

Coschedule is one of the most popular scheduling tools out there. For a small amount, Coschedule is perfect if you need help managing a larger team, or need help creating a marketing calendar if you are new to keeping things organised.

What goes into a content calendar? We have an idea –

  1. Blogs – scheduled blogs, blog ideas, older blogs that need a little maintenance
  2. Emailer content, landing pages, social media content requirements, along with ETAs and person-in-charge
  3. Date, time, links, URLs, and description of the content for the content writer to get clarity on the project.

Download the Coschedule content calendar

Coschedule content calendar - marketing calendar templates

Social media calendars templates by Hubspot, Sproutsocial

How do you speak about social media calendars or any marketing calendar without mentioning Sproutsocial?

The social media scheduling tool stands shoulder-to-shoulder with big guns like Hootsuite and Buffer, also favourite scheduling tools for social media marketers.

Download the Sprout Social marketing calendar template

However, our in-house social media manager loves sprout social when it comes to preparing long calendars that help him maintain daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

sproutsocial templates - marketing calendar

Free social media calendar by Hubspot

According to Hubspot, over 72% of B2B marketers attributed the success of their task to a defined content strategy and calendar planning.

The Hubspot social media calendar is ideal for new businesses just starting out. It helps you:

  1. Coordinate campaigns
  2. Increase reach and engagement at the set time and date
  3. Boost productivity
  4. Align inter-department team goals along with social goals

Download Hubspot’s social media calendar here 

Looking for free marketing calendar templates? We recommend:

  1. Google drive – Maintain a central drive, folder where your team will have access to tools, sheets and calendars on MS office documents.
  2. MS Office tools – Use MS Excel, word documents to schedule and keep a personal calendar to achieve goals.

New to MS excel? Take our free course on mojoVersity

MS Excel is not easy to master, even if it involves the mildly-complex task of creating a marketing calendar. Learn some of the best MS Excel tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can help you quickly extract key metrics for your business, especially if you’re using Tally.

Most of these will work on Google Sheets too. Get started right away!


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