Cash on Delivery for your Instamojo Premium Online Store

how to enable cash on delivery for your online store instamojo

A must-have payment method for every eCommerce website is cash on delivery (CoD). On Instamojo premium store, you can now select the CoD option for your business.

Why Indian Consumers Love CoD

Indian consumers love CoD. Although digital payment methods have become widely popular and more accessible, cash-on-delivery is still used in the Indian eCommerce system.  According to a recent survey, approximately 45% to 50% of the e-retail consumers favour the cash on delivery option. 72% of consumers from major cities and 90% of those from smaller towns choose cash on delivery over any form of advance payments. 

This might be because of many reasons such as fear of payment scams, ease of payment, or familiarity with cash payments. It also gives them additional time to fund the full payment.  

Advantages of offering CoD

Builds trust and increases customer loyalty – When you don’t collect upfront payment before delivering the product, it builds trust. The customer understands that you are focused on fulfilling the order. Thus, brand loyalty increases.  

Increases sales – Some consumers may abandon cart at checkout due to the multiple steps. Since the order can be completed quickly if CoD is opted, there is a chance to get more sales.

If your online store is missing the CoD option, there is a high chance you will lose potential customers. So, give your customers a smooth buying experience by providing them a payment method they love!  

How does cash on delivery work for Instamojo stores?

You can enable cash-on-delivery on your online store in just three simple steps:

Step 1 – Go to your Instamojo dashboard and click settings. You will find the CoD option under ‘shipping settings’. Click the enable button.

how to enable cash on delivery for instamojo online store

Step 2 – Confirm enablement popup. You will receive a popup like this:

Cash on Delivery handling fee is on an average ₹40 or 1.5% of the order amount (whichever is higher). However please confirm with your shipping partner.

Step 3 – CoD option for your online store is now enabled. Check your store to confirm. A customer can now view the Cash on Delivery option at checkout. 

Cash on delivery instamojo

The tags at the bottom of your store also change if you enable COD on your store.

cash on delivery for Instamojo online store

Your premium eCommerce store is now ready to accept cash on delivery orders!

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