“That’s What He Said” – Celebrating Women’s Day at Instamojo

Women's Day at Instamojo
(Last Updated On: June 11, 2021)

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world,” – Christian Dior.

“NOOO! Flowers are just, so dead,”Alka Gupta, Content Marketer @ Instamojo.

Alka is a modern woman, the quintessential 21st century working class lady – independent, confident and bloody good at what she does. And she doesn’t like flowers in general.

Flowers are not what women like to be compared to. That stereotype has gone stale. There are several Alkas in India. Some reside in cosmopolitan cities, while the others operate from a more remote background, from our homes. Women have always been badass in India.

In a typical Indian household, women usually handle all the expenses, right from budgeting to spending. Thanks to the internet boom, more women are involved in businesses regardless of their location.

Instamojo has many such women entrepreneurs that have been running a successful business online. One such entrepreneur, Hiteshi Shroff sells gifting solutions on her online Instamojo store, from her home in Pune.

“Using Instamojo has helped me create my own space and get more visibility to everyone I couldn’t reach personally. Instamojo has helped me expand my user base & today, we are going global,” Hiteshi says.

“Having your own store, with easy payments all time and easy customer care is what every start up needs!” she added.

That’s not just it.

Several Wonder Women work at Instamojo to power the platform. Take it from the SuperMen at Instamojo:

“While we don’t often think on these lines, I have always found it easier to work with women. There is a certain level of dedication and empathy within women which not only makes them great contributors, but also helps those around them do better at work. I have a lot of faith in the women at Instamojo to lead us to new heights.

– Akash Gehani, co-founder & COO @ Instamojo.

 “Working in technology I expected life to be just like my engineering college. But thanks to very progressive companies and attitudes, I’ve been blessed to work at companies with balanced gender ratios. I’m glad to see many initiatives pushing women to close the pay the gap, take on leadership roles, go entrepreneurial and more.

The product team at Instamojo has ALL the women engineers. Tithi has been kicking ass at helping us ship some of our hardest projects. Kanika also spent time identifying root causes of certain problems and ultimately pushed out some great solutions.”

– Dalan Mendonca, Product Management @ Instamojo.

“India now has 14% female entrepreneurs and it is on the increase as the government is doing more to not just support women’s education but also help women that are trying to run small businesses.

Instamojo remains one of the most gender-equal tech companies around, with one woman for every two men, and with the skill set they bring, it feels like having one woman for every man: double the power!

–  Ankur Sharma, Head of Growth & Analytics @Instamojo.

“Women in tech and startup circles are hard to come-by, especially in senior roles. But at Instamojo, that trend is reverse — we have some of the best women leading killer projects and teams. Let’s keep that up and hope we see more women in tech.”

– Sidharth, Lead UX Designer @ Instamojo.

“More women are forthcoming and are willing to take the risk than earlier. I see more women willing to work at startups and start companies than earlier.

Let me put it this way, Instamojo would not be where/what it is without them. They are an integral part.

– Ruchir Kanakia, Head of Business Development & Operations @Instamojo.

“Men alone can’t change the world. That’s an extremely myopic view. We need to include women in this journey and strive to give equal opportunities and celebrate their successes too to help make a dent in this universe.

“We have a great team of women and men working at Instamojo, some of the brightest minds. They are arms of the company. I’m proud we have the smartest women in our team. They are all decision makers, leaders and problem solvers – a driving force at Instamojo.

– Sampad Swain, Founder & CEO @ Instamojo.

Women’s Day isn’t about showing women in a greater light or saying they are better than men.

It’s one of those days you want to just say thank you – to your mum, your grand mum, your girlfriend, friends and colleagues. It’s just one of those days you designate to appreciate and be grateful for the women in your life, whether you’re a man or a woman.

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