CRM for eCommerce: How to manage customers on your online store

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2022)

CRM is all about taking care of the people that matter most to your eCommerce business — your customers.

Building strong customer relationships is a core part of Commerce. We believe that it’s an important aspect to the success of a business. That’s why Instamojo online store builder comes with powerful CRM features to help you build and maintain customer relationships, collect relevant data, and use it to increase store sales.

Today, we’ll introduce you to the new features added to the Instamojo eCommerce CRM that allows you to get a deeper understanding of your audience.

What is an eCommerce CRM and why is it important for your DTC brand?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software solution that helps to keep track of customers and sales opportunities in eCommerce. It also helps to enhance business relationships and make your brand interactive. In short, such a platform helps to collect and organise customer data on your online store.

A CRM helps you maximise eCommerce sales by customising your buyer journey.

Here are a few ways CRM benefits your eCommerce store:

Gain crucial facts about customers and maintain data effectively

Did you know that 57% of customers abandon purchases if they can’t get their queries answered quickly?

You can get a deeper understanding of how customers engage with your online store. In an offline business, you get to know about the concerns of your customers and interact with them directly. But it can be difficult to do so in an online scenario. Which is why eCommerce CRM is important.

A CRM allows you to get exclusive details on customers that have abandoned carts, added products to their wishlists, or payment drop-offs, which can help you take necessary actions.

Promote customer loyalty

Turn your prospects into loyal customers by engaging with them in the right way. You can easily take the necessary marketing steps and make sure you never miss out on a lead. So, you will be able to add value to their shopping experience.

Enhance customer relationships

Being an obvious benefit, building trust and strong relationships with customers is overlooked by many eCommerce business owners. With a powerful CRM tool, you can manage visitor queries and interact with them as needed.

Take customer service to higher levels and give them a smoother shopping experience. You will be able to reach out to your customers through channels like email, phone, WhatsApp and offer services that suits their needs.

Instamojo eCommerce CRM features

Let’s go through the CRM features available on your Instamojo dashboard and how you can make use of them to manage your customer relationships.

1. Customer insights

You can find the customer insights section under ‘marketing’ on your Instamojo dashboard. Here, you will be able to view and manage your customer details such as contact, city and when they last signed in. On the customer profile sub-section, you can also assign tags to specific contacts based on their profile.

How do you make use of these customer data?

You can run marketing campaigns successfully to engage with different customer segments. The geography insights on your CRM will be of great help if you want to run targeted campaigns on Facebook.

ecommerce crm dashboard instamojo
Customer profile section on dashboard

You can also filter the data based on dates and see how many customers visited your store in a range of time.

In this section, you can also access customer queries and send them replies via email.

2. Leads manager

When someone is interested in your product/service and takes a specific action but does not make a sale, you generate a lead. There may be many reasons why the person did not complete the purchase.

As an online store owner, it’s a huge advantage if you are able to track the exact number of leads and their data. You can take the necessary steps to solve their queries and persuade them to make a purchase.

As an Instamojo merchant, you have access to the leads manager tool on your dashboard. Here, you can see the number of leads — a list of potential customers who have initiated a payment but have not completed the transaction.

leads manager tool crm

Instamojo collects leads via 2 methods –

  1. Payment drop-off: if your customer fails to make a payment till the last stage – then in 15 min it gets converted into a lead and is added to your leads manager.
  2. Live chat on your online store: With this feature, there will be a chat icon in your online store, where you can interact with your customers.

You can take actions to convert these collected leads:

  • create and send a payment link
  • Send an email with coupon/discount codes
  • Chat with the buyer (live)

3. Abandoned cart

When a customer adds a product(s) with the intention to purchase but doesn’t complete the order – that is an abandoned cart. On the Instamojo dashboard, you can see the total number of abandoned carts and their value.

abandoned cart dashboard

You can send a personalised remainder directly to the customer and attempt to convert the cart. With a good cart abandonment strategy, you can convert leads into loyal, returning customers.

Tip: Instead of seeing cart abandonment as just a problem, consider it as an opportunity to gain customer insights and behaviours and use it to improve your store experience. Here are some ways to revive an abandoned cart:

  • Create a quick 2 step checkout process.
  • To make customer’s checkout experience easier, allow them to opt for the ‘Guest’ option. This will allow them to make a purchase without necessarily creating an account.
  • Upsell and cross-sell: Add a ‘related products’ section on your product pages

Strengthening customer relationships with Instamojo CRM features

With CRM, you unlock a direct line to your customers, letting you interact with them at the right time and in the right context to facilitate or save a sale—or solve a frustrating problem.

And Instamojo eCommerce CRM features, you are able to take your customer service and lead management to a whole new level. Manage customer data efficiently and make use of it to build your marketing strategy.

Watch this video to get started on Instamojo eCommerce platform and create a successful business.

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