DrivoJoy: For a Smooth Bike-Life

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2021)

Picture this. You’re heading home after a tiring day on your bike and suddenly, she decides to give up on you. She sputters, coughs and screeches to a halt and won’t start. She just stands there, limp and motionless.

She is probably upset. Perhaps you haven’t been paying enough attention to her needs. Perhaps you haven’t been listening to her agony. Perhaps, you’ve been careless. Or you’ve been cheating on her with taxi-cabs and haven’t been taking her out too much.

There could be several reasons. Don’t beat yourself up. It happens. Get some counsel. Call an expert.

Call DrivoJoy – your personal bike-life guru. They don’t just fix your bike, they give it a new lease of life – anywhere, anytime.

They’ll even come to your house, office or gym to fix your bike while you’re busy getting things done and changing the world.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

We decided to get in touch with the awesome people at Drivojoy to understand how they magically fix people’s bike-lives. Here’s a snippet of our conversation with Aman Singhal, CEO & Co-Founder of DrivoJoy:

How did you come up with this fantastic idea?

Last year around July, my 3-year- old Activa had all of a sudden given up on me. No wonder though, as I had been deferring it’s servicing for 6 months owing to my hectic routine at work. Nevertheless, I managed to drag it to a neighbourhood garage.

What looked like an easy task at that point turned into a daylong ordeal and not to mention the dent it eventually created in my pocket. It set me thinking — what if a garage could be made mobile, fixing two-wheelers at riders’ convenience, at the time and place of their choice and if we could reimagine the way two-wheelers are serviced.

This very thought represented the founding spirit of DrivoJoy.

So, what does DrivoJoy basically do?

DrivoJoy offers doorstep two-wheeler servicing, that helps you save the time of travelling all the way to the garage or service station. Since we don’t have infrastructure costs involved, we are able to provide our service at 30-40% cheaper rates than local garages and service centres.

Our mechanics are certified and industry-trained, giving you the assurance that your two-wheeler is being handled by a qualified individual. Also, our service time is the quickest – your bike is serviced and handed over to you in just 90 minutes!

Our USP is that unlike other players in this sector, we’re a full-stack platform. From having our own fleet of mechanics to managing the entire supply chain in-house, we take care of every step to provide the best customer experience.


DrivoJoy team
Pic: The happy DrivoJoy team!

Pretty Impressive! How big is DrivoJoy today?

We’ve grown over 600% in the past 1 year. We currently service over 1500 bikes a month and have serviced 10,000+ bikes to date.

As for future plans, we’re launching a new city next month. Earlier this month, we also launched SpongeBucket, a marketplace for vehicle care that allows users the flexibility to choose from our curated and bundled packages of washing, polishing, painting, ceramic coating and dent removal etc.

We’re sure there were a few roadblocks to getting where you are today. What were some of the challenges you faced?

Initially, our turn-around time was quite high as we used to operate only out of one hub. Only after we transitioned into a hub n spoke model, we were able to drastically improve our turnaround time and customer experience.

One of the other problems we faced was with collecting payments. In our early days, we used to only accept cash payments and didn’t have any channel to collect online payments post service completion.

Thanks to Instamojo, we could resolve this issue and today, our customers can pay using their debit/credit cards when they receive the invoice.

I came to know about Instamojo through a friend. We love your platform for it makes online payments hassle free for us. No need to worry about cash at all!

We’re glad we make payments easier for you. We love having you onboard!

Do you worry too much about cash payments? Do you want an easier way to collect payments online? Sign up on Instamojo today!

Be like DrivoJoy.


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