New Year Resolutions: 7 “More” Things SMEs Should Do in 2017

We are sure you have your own business resolutions for 2017. But we have put together a list of seven “more” things you should be doing if you are a Small or Medium Enterprise/Owner.
(Last Updated On: May 12, 2021)

It’s that time of the year. It’s the beginning.

It’s the perfect time to take a pause and re-evaluate, to reflect on accomplishments and charge forward with new ideas and enthusiasm. It’s the perfect time to do more of what you haven’t done in the past – mistakes aside.

We are sure you have your own resolutions and lists. But, we have put together a list of seven “more” things you should be doing if you are a Small or Medium Enterprise owner.


Anxious about an investor meet? Take a nap. Have an important decision to make? Take a nap. Having a long day? Take a nap.

Research suggests taking naps before (and after) important meetings helps make better decisions. Apparently, a 30-minute nap improves productivity by 40%. However, if you think 30 minutes is too long, a 10-minute nap will restore your battery and leave you feeling refreshed enough to take on your important tasks with better clarity.

When you sleep, your brain processes information better. Therefore, nap before taking a big decision. Hold it off for a while. Practice the pause.


Sometimes, you might think you have a great idea. It may not, however, be practical. Taking a second opinion from your partner or your employees is highly recommended.

Involve your peers and employees when you are discussing new goals for the company. They probably have in-depth perspective about a department because they deal with it every day. Brainstorm with them and urge them to participate in growth-planning sessions.


You’ve made your mistakes in the past. Don’t dwell. Take the hits and misses of the previous year in your stride. Learn from everything you do, every day. Read more books, more blogs, meet more people, find webinars, attend meets. Find more perspective.


Get your hands down and dirty with data. Bury your head in the numbers – balance sheets, market value, sales, funds etc, because you’re going to need that ammo to experiment.

Find new ways to multiply these numbers. Use new tools and technology to amp up your product/service’s functionality. Don’t shy away from trying something innovative.


Be social. Get out there and talk about your product/service with the world. Use social media, email & phone marketing, blogs and other means of marketing to communicate the void you are filling in the market.

Explain why your customers need you in the most concise way and why they should choose you over your competitors.


Prioritize your customers. Focus on support and make it seamless. Review your existing user base and make them happy. Review your latent user-base and try to make them happy. Let go of the customers that have been dormant too long and move on to build a new base.


Stop to smell the flowers once a while. Take time off, organize a company-wide event, take a break, take two if necessary. Indulge in a hobby or get a new one.

Recognize your employees’ efforts and feel proud of your company’s achievements.


Here’s to “More” success, happiness and money in 2017.

Happy New Year!


  1. One of the things that comes up again and again when we talk to SMEs is that they’re worried by the ability to court new customers.Expect ‘prospect marketing’ to be a big thing next year as SMEs.

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