How To Handle Your New Small Business

handle your business
(Last Updated On: November 18, 2020)

Today, small business are making a distinct mark for themselves. Most of these small businesses owners end up handling a lot more than just their business to make it successful. It gets stressful, at times. These simple tips should help you handle your business better.

Have an Elevator Pitch

Develop and practice introducing your business in brief, effectively. When you get a chance to network and market your business be ready to introduce and explain about your business in just a couple sentences. Keep the language comprehensive.

Having your elevator pitch ready will help you effectively market your product among your peers and if your pitch is convincing enough you could win some referrals too.

Keep Them Happy

Focus on retaining the customer. If you have successfully accomplished your first deal with a customer, it would be much easier to sell him your products or service the second time considering he has already dealt with your product/service and is happy with what you have sold.

Retaining a happy customer is much better than getting a ton of new, junk customers.

Treat your customer special. If you go out-of-the-way and offer your customer a discount make sure he takes note of your special gesture. Mention the actual price on the bill and the amount of discount you have offered. This will help build a relationship with the customer increase chances of getting more business from the same client.

Have a Clientele?

Build and regularly update your client list. Keep your interaction with your customers live even when there’s no “SALE” in progress. Regularly keep your clients updated about new products and services that you have to offer. You could also send them mailers about special discounts or freebies.

Automate Inventory Checks

Always keep your inventory in check. Device a hassle free system to stay updated about stocks. Look up Inventory management systems that can help you keep a check on how much stock you have left. Have a systematic billing and invoicing cycle.

Encourage Feedback

As popularly known ‘there is always room for improvement’. Have a positive attitude towards customer complaints or feedback. Focus on improving your product rather than sulking, criticizing or ignoring the customer.

If your product or service has competitors in the market try to better yourself. Pricing your product lower than your competitor can help but that will mar your profits. If you offer a new and improved product, assure and offer unmatched service it would definitely work wonders for your business.

Working Odd Hours?

If you work from home or remotely, keep your fix working hours fixed. Doing this will allow you some time off work when you can sit back relax, make time for things that you like to do and also spend time with your family.

Be honest, work with integrity. Be fair, respect everyone and give your business the best shot you’ve got.

Make it Easy

If you have an online business, make the payment process easy and secure for your customers. Offer to accept payments through different modes.

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  1. Encourage Feedback and Working Odd Hours are very effective points which are ignored by most people. Very nice article to be followed by all types of startups. Thank You! 🙂

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