How Instamojo is a Powerful Tool to Conduct Marketing Experiments

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2021)

Did you know you could use Instamojo to conduct marketing experiments? 

Here is how a typical experiment goes:

1. You come up with an idea. This can be as simple as a tweak in the pricing, some product feature or a promotion channel.
2. You run a quick experiment and collect data on it.
3. On the basis of the data, you may want to expand on it or move on to another experiment.

Considering a relatively small number of experiments have results worth talking about, you need to keep doing steps 1 and 2 over and over again.

Instamojo, with its feature set, is now a powerful tool for one to conduct these experiments quickly.

– It lets you get started and set up your experiment in no time.
– The transaction fee is the best in business.
– You have powerful analytics that helps you make intelligent decisions.
– Features like social pay, discounting etc., give you a lot of flexibility.

Instamojo has become the product of choice for marketers and upcoming entrepreneurs. The time to go live has been brought down, and that ensures you spend your time more effectively.

So the next time you are deliberating on an idea, use Instamojo to pilot it. And let your marketing friends feel the power as well.

Ready to start experimenting?