5 Health and Fitness Tips All Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Health and fitness tips for entrepreneurs
(Last Updated On: September 28, 2020)

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went live with fitness experts from all over the country to talk about the importance of keeping one healthy. The ‘Fit India’ initiative saw celebrities like Milind Soman, Virat Kohli, and Rujuta Diwakar insisting on the importance of staying fit during COVID.

2020 has proved stressful for entrepreneurs. If it wasn’t a global pandemic, it was an economic slowdown. So, how do entrepreneurs maintain their mental and physical health during a stressful time?

In this blog, we will show you:

  1. How to find time to exercise when you run a business
  2. Top fitness apps for every business owner
  3. Fitness and health tips when work piles up

A whattobecome.com study showed that owners of small startups found managing their business four times more stressful than raising children.

So, what is the most effective tip to stay healthy when you run a business full time?

Ensure you drink water in breaks

You know the rule, yet many business owners forget to stay hydrated while working their long hours. This could prove problematic in the long run. What could help? A Water tracker app! It sounds ridiculous, but it definitely helps the absent-minded small business owner keep track of their water intake daily. We are not recommending you carry a water bottle with your everywhere you go, but make sure when your water tracker sends a reminder, you get up from your desk to drink some water.

You can download the water tracker app for your phone here. 

Read news only once a day

We might sound like a broken record, but did you know you get light-headed from staring at a screen too long? Do not spend too much time in front of your laptop. Take short 5 minute breaks after every hour, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

This helps you bring back focus and reduces any strain around the eyes. Keep TV time to just an hour a day and reduce the time you spend on your phone. Try this for a week, and it will reduce migraines, eye pain and back pain too!

A tip: I stop looking at my mobile phone exactly an hour before bed and use the time to listen to meditative music or read a book. It really helps me to keep track of ‘my screen time’. Your muscles around the eyes and head relax and help you get more sleep.

Track everything – from sleep to steps

All health and fitness tips are ineffective if you are not motivated. A hack that works for me is keeping track of all my physical exercise and mental health practices via apps or fitness bands.

Apps are the free, easier version of course. If you decide to start walking daily, keep a pedometer tracker on you. See how many steps you take in a day and increase your daily goals.

” Even if it is late after work, go for a walk or do Yoga early in the morning. Small and simple exercises will help you stay fit,” the Director of Nitrro Wellness & Fitness Hub, Prabodh Davkhare for Entrepreneur.com 

Encourage counselling and therapy

Besides physical exercise, as an entrepreneur, you need to practice a little mental exercise too! Encourage your peers and co-workers to practice yoga, consider counselling and take off-days now and then to recuperate.

Mental health is STILL a taboo in workplaces in India. But it is important to be of sound mind to be able to deal with the daily stress that handling a business brings. September is #suicidepreventionmonth, and it is never too late to ask for help. Here’s what can help:

  1. Follow The Alternative Story to find online counsellors. They allow customers to pay what they want and have professionals on board to help with different concerns.
  2. Find a support system. Allow your co-workers to share their grievances with you once a week if they have any.
  3. Conduct monthly mindfulness sessions in your workplace. Allow colleagues to de-stress and find some respite.

Also read: A psychologists guide to practising empathy in the workplace 

Find your ideal workout routine

Not all of us enjoy a long run in the morning. There are certain workout regimes that suit our body best. For the busy entrepreneur, it is important to decide what workout routine would suit you.

Consider talking to a nutritionist or fitness expert to find out how you can get your cardio, strength and conditioning, and other types of exercises.

Do not spend a lot of money on gyms if you do not have the time to work out daily. Speak to a professional to know what workout you can fit on a busy day.

Bonus – Eat food your Grandmother would recommend

You are what you eat. It is important to eat whole meals daily and never skip a meal. You can also snack during the day, on nutrition-boosting foods. Satyan Punjabi, founder of the organic farm startup – Farmilicious insists on the importance of eating locally sourced, nutritious food. 

“What you consume, essentially carries energy. Food that is naturally procured, ethically sourced and has zero chemicals, is positive energy. You need to consciously buy your groceries.” –  Satyan

We hope these health and fitness tips get you moving, one step at a time. Slow and steady, work on your health, and no hurdle will be too tough to take on for your business.




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