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(Last Updated On: March 10, 2022)

If there is one thing that defines the 21st century, it has to be social media. Social media is a space that has continued to evolve rapidly. One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs face with social media is not knowing how to exactly go about it. There is so much social media growth content available on the internet, but almost none of it is tailored for an Indian small business. This is why we decided to create a FREE Instagram course for DTC brands on how to sell on Instagram.

Free Instagram course: How to grow your business on Instagram

How to grow your business on Instagram is the first social media course on mojoVersity – India’s first open learning platform for businesses. It is completely free of cost, covers Instagram set up to content and analytics and everything in between. One can also get a downloadable, printable certificate on completion of the course.

Why should you take this FREE Instagram course?

Based on trends and research, we realised that Instagram is the most popular platform for social media marketing. 

Check out this infographic that gives a general idea of why Instagram is where your DTC brand should be.

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The very first thing we decided while building the course was to set up the course structure.

The idea of a mojoVersity course is to have short, informative, and actionable chapters, so we split the course into 6 chapters. Once we had our chapter structure ready, we decided on the content and followed it up with the voiceover process. 

One of my biggest learnings throughout this phase of the course was to always think from a user’s perspective—be it the content, the tone of the voiceover, or the visuals. 

I would like to mention that we had a great time with the visual presentation of this course. Since Instagram is such a strong visual medium, we wanted to create a course where we show real examples and screens. 

This led us to discover some really interesting small business accounts; we had a lot of fun picking out beautiful content to explain the course.

What you’ll learn in this FREE Instagram course?

Coming to the structure of the course, we tried to follow a chapter order which would reflect the journey of a small business owner on Instagram.

  • We start with an introduction to the platform, where we explain why it is important for small businesses to have a presence there.
  • This is followed by the setup process, and tips to optimise their profile. The third chapter, which also serves as the soul of the course, is everything about Instagram content.
  • It covers everything from stories, reels, carousels, and pictures to content ideas with real-world examples from other small business Instagram accounts.

Anyone taking this course would be well versed in the world of Instagram, understand approach to Instagram content, visuals, its analytics and more.

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  • In the next chapter, we explain how to strategize for better sales over Instagram. Instagram as a platform allows for multiple avenues to sell your products, and we explore each of them in-depth. A business owner can try coming up with multiple strategies, but how does one evaluate which strategy is working the best? We explain this process in our next chapter where we discuss analytics and insights.
  • To round off the course, we added a special chapter on free tools and resources which business owners can use to independently run their Instagram accounts.

The premise of this entire course was to give the learner the experience of a journey, where we walk with them to explore the world of Instagram.


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Coming up next: Stay tuned for more social media courses

We want to make mojoVersity a platform where small and independent business owners across India can upskill online for free. With this course, we plan on setting up a series of courses designed around social media for small businesses. Some examples are how to sell on Facebook or how to sell on Youtube.

Facebook is expected to hit 3 billion active users in 2022. It is basically ensuring almost everyone on the Internet has an audience. The platform is also coming up with a host of new features to help small businesses. It is THE place to be for small business owners.

Youtube on the other hand is the king of video consumption right now. It is the 2nd most visited website in the world, with more than 22 billion monthly visits. As the world moves towards watching more videos, Youtube clocked an 8X increase in live stream watchers. Hence, businesses need to learn to make the most out of Youtube.

This would essentially transition into a social media courses bundle, where we can add courses about everything social media.

For now, you can read how small businesses can leverage social commerce to boost their revenues!

For me, this entire project is nothing short of a love letter to everything I have worked on in the world of social media. 

Take the course and let us know what you think about it. You could also drop an email to for feedback. 

Get ready to take your Instagram business to the next level.


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