3 FREE Marketing Tools Your Small Business Needs in 2024

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(Last Updated On: February 14, 2024)

If you are a marketer in 2024, you are already behind. Because there are so many FREE marketing tools out there you are scoping through, when in reality, you just need 3!

In 2020, marketers are adopting Artificial Intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO). For small businesses, these may look like expensive investments.

However, that is not true. A few free marketing tools can help your small business get started with implementing these digital marketing trends in 2024.


TikTok started in 2018 as a simple Chinese video-sharing app and boomed worldwide after buying out musical.ly. Since then, TikTok saw over 1.1 billion installs as on March 2019.

Also, over 43% of TikToks users are from India.  Over 67% of India’s internet audience is under 35 years of age, and TikTok is more attractive to that age group. Shivani Balsa, social media manager at Instamojo foresees great things for the video-sharing app.

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“While TikTok is still a contradictory platform for most marketers, there’s no harm in exploring it. With 120 milllion+ monthly active users on the platform, organic traction is booming! It’s one of the best ways to reach out to a whole new segment, i.e the younger generation who will soon have the purchasing power. As marketers, it’s important to start observing trends and utilise the platform to empower your brands’ social presence.” – Shivani 

Why use Tiktok in 2024? According to Shivani, TikTok will challenge marketers to tickle their creative side. It could also be used as a tool to create videos on the go and distribute on other platforms. The in-built editing is used by many content creators to push short snippets on Instagram.

Brands can make use of TikTok by:

1. Creating their own channel and uploading relevant videos about their business.
2. Pay to advertise on TikTok – a new and upcoming feature on the platform that marketers can bank on.

“ I personally would recommend marketers to explore TikTok today; it’s a way to build brand recall with youth from tier 2 & tier 3 cities.” – Shivani Balsa, Social media manager, Instamojo


If you are a marketer, SEO is a key channel for you. Moz is a leading SEO tool used that uses both basic and advanced research tools to improve your business’s search engine optimization. In short, Moz offers:

  • Keyword research tools
  • SEO keyword generator
  • Link analysis that gives detailed data on inbound links and link quality.

Moupia Chatterjee, SEO manager at Instamojo, cites how useful the tool has been for her when it came to competitor analysis. Moz brings the top SEO tools under one roof and provides users with the resources and knowledge needed to use them and optimize their website. It is an ideal tool for small businesses to attract traffic for their website.

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The Moz Dashboard & It’s Tools

Why use it in 2024? Moz helps you identify the relevant keywords that you can target for your software. While Moz is relatively free, it comes with a plan to help your business get access to new software.

Unlike many other tools, Moz allows your business to use several features for free before setting up on a paid plan. Mom also keeps up with digital marketing trends and tweaks features for marketers accordingly.


We mentioned how voice search will take over as a digital marketing trend in 2024. Thanks to the revolutionization of content marketing, podcasts are set to make a huge leap in marketing in the next few years. Podcasts are like going on the radio – except you promote your brand, discuss ideas, talk and engage with your customers.

Why use it in 2024? Podcasts allow you to talk to a captive audience. Over 60% of daily commuters listen to podcasts on a regular basis. Of these, 13% of all listeners state that they have already decided to buy a product because of a podcast.

If you are looking to kickstart a podcast channel for your marketing strategy in 2024, try Anchor – a podcast creation tool. With this free tool, a good mic and a fun topic, you can create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device, for free.

Our marketers pick online marketing tools after analysing the digital marketing trends out there. If you are looking to understand more about what marketing trends will impact/benefit your business, you can download our ebook for free!


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