mojoStores January 2020: Favourite free online store on Instamojo

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(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

It’s that time of the month again – when we pick our top-performing online stores on Instamojo. 

Our monthly mojoStores – a compilation of our favourite Instamojo online stores; is chosen based on: 

  1. How creative the stores are
  2. Brand story 
  3. Products sold in the store 

We admit, we are biased towards the stores that look like they sell something quirky, but this time, we went down a more ‘creative’ route. 

So, what online stores did we pick to grace our mojoStores hall of fame in 2020? 

Craft Root 

Who said the gifting season is over? The traditional handicraft bags of Craft Root will have you adding to cart immediately. The Jaipur based lifestyle brand makes quality cotton and leather bags for daily use, but you would only want to use them for an important occasion. Started in 2016, the bags are made completely by hand, painted and designed exclusively for customers. No piece is the same. 

If you are looking for a unique gift that boasts of Indian textile wonderment, then this is the brand for you. 

Check out traditional handicraft bags of Craft Root online store on Instamojo

Instamojo online store free - craft

Me with a pencil 

Watercolour paintings are a soothing sight and coupled with calligraphy, they make for excellent gifts. That’s exactly what ‘ Me with a Pencil’ is all about! 

Founded by 2 enthusiastic self-taught artists keen to live their passion, Me with a Pencil is an innovative art studio and online store on Instamojo, specializing in Calligraphy and Watercolour Painting

Since their inception 3 years ago, ‘Me with a Pencil’ has worked with multiple brands and individuals on a wide array of projects.

Check out some of their beautiful artwork on Me with a Pencil on Instamojo online store.

online store on Instamojo - me with a pencil

She cuts the paper 

True, we are drawn to the name, it does sound like the beginning of a sentence, no? But that’s exactly what it is. ‘She cuts the paper’ is a super creative brand that curates hand-cut art from one piece of paper! 

Her paper cut art range from intricate butterfly wings, dinosaur skeletons to whole wall art, all made from one piece of paper! 

Check out her intricate artwork / paper work she cuts the paper online store on Instamojo.

create free online store - Instamojo - shecutspaper


Remember when you wanted to go to space but decided to settle for a creative piece of astronaut art instead?

Well, Doodlegiri has the right artwork for you! From astronaut pop sockets to trippy posters, Shriti Mohanto, the artist behind the brand, will leave you starry-eyed at her fun, creative art. 

Check out her Doodlegiri online store on Instamojo.

Instamojo online store - doodlegiri

Being Earthable 

We hope your 2020 resolution is to be more eco-friendly. If it is, you are in luck! Gift your loved ones, beautiful, curated gift packages from the Being Earthable online store on Instamojo.

The gift packages are eco-friendly, sustainable products. Their products range from organic bathroom kits, wooden bowls, rubber coasters and laptop stands. 

Check out their Being Earthable online store on Instamojo.

Instamojo - free online store - earthable


Do you have a dream to start your own business? Or, are you looking for a free online platform to sell your products/services? You can do what our mojoStores for the month did. Simply log in to Instamojo and create your online store for free!


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