How does The Brush Story sell art with their premium online store? 

The Brush Story
(Last Updated On: February 27, 2024)

Suvarna Dheringe has created more than 300 pieces of art! Thousands of people across the world can now see her art and also buy it from her online store – The Brush Story! 

Let’s know more about her journey.

Why did Suvarna start The Brush Story? 

Suvarna has been painting for years now. What has always been a passion, is now her primary goal. She started her Instamojo online store – The Brush Story in 2022 and she is working hard to scale new heights every day! 

Brush Story

She has partnered with a printing partner to sell high-quality printed copies of her to her customers. The sizes are customisable and can bring an additional pop of creativity to your bare walls! 

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Suvarna’s relationship with art 

Suvarna’s career-related choices haven’t necessarily been what she internally desired. An elder to 4 sisters, Suvarna’s priorities in life meant she took up mainstream professions like in the IT industry. 

But, she always was and will continue to be an artist. There were multiple reasons that prompted her to quit her IT job and start selling art. 

This Pune-based artist had achieved a sense of stability and wanted to give more time to her creations. As she says, “I might have talent, but it does require a lot of hard work” 

She conducted 3 solo exhibitions over the years and saw them be a resounding success. 

Brush story media Brush story media

Her business goals include selling out and reaching a global audience!

She already has had experiences with a foreign audience after participating in a group show for M.a.d.s Art gallery in Italy.

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Business challenges 

In India, buying art for home decor is still a very niche category. Suvarna has been trying to penetrate this particular market with her printed art. 

The majority of Indians buy art for home decor after deliberating: 

  • It’s compliance with Vastu Shashtra (Traditional Indian architecture and design guidelines) 
  • If the creator is a world-famous artist 

Suvarna has also lost some customers because the art she sells is the printed version of her art and not the original artwork instead. 

This particular business model was chosen for The Brush Story because 

  • Printed art is more durable
  • More copies can be made
  • Can be resized and scaled according to needs 

It should be mentioned here though that Suvarna is currently involved in long-term plans for all her original artwork created over the decade. And we are super excited to see what she has in store for us!

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Choosing Instamojo Premium Plans 

The brush story came to life after a couple of months of critically evaluating multiple eCommerce website development platforms. 

The ease with which Suvarna could set up her online store made Instamojo her favourite choice. 

Here are some of her favourite features that she has been using on her Instamojo online store 


One of the most attractive features for most users, Suvarna could choose from 30 beautiful themes and stay true to her brand language. 

She has chosen the ‘Grace’ theme for her online store. It has a clean finish and gives her store an elegant and professional look. 

The Brush Story


Whatsapp Chat Icon 

Consumers today want instant responses. Ensuring there are multiple ways to reach you is key to success. The Instamojo premium plan allowed Suvarna to place a WhatsApp chat icon widget on her home screen. 

This gives her more opportunities to capture store visitors and engage them for longer. 

The Brush Story

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10 banner images 

We already know our online store is our 24/7 sales guy. Once customers visit your store, they need to like what they see and they need to see options. 

The Brush Story

Suvarna has chosen 10 banner images for her online store. She can: 

  • Show customers her wide range of products 
  • Highlight her best work 
  • Quickly tell the customers about running discounts 

CSS Customisation & Javascript editing 

Even though Instamojo online stores are primarily made for those who do not want the hassle of coding, it caters to a variety of audiences. 

Artists like Suvarna, with backgrounds that have given them the necessary coding skills, can implement their creativity and add external features to their own online store. 

It increases the functionality of the store, and most importantly, makes the store uniquely yours! 

Suvarna has customised her banner, headings and sub-headings, reduced the sizes of the text cards and also made them transparent!

Product filters 

When you have a wide range of products like the Brush Story, having product filters helps the customers narrow down their choices. 

It helps them come to a decision quicker and reduces cart abandonment rates. 

With Instamojo premium plans, you can easily choose values that help specify a particular product and then place that the customer can use. 

Here are the filters that The Brush Story has chosen to place – 

The Brush Story


Intrigued about just how easy it is to sell from your own online store? 

Watch this video to know how to upgrade to premium plans, for just the price of a masala chai and bun per day! 

Start selling art online today

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