Instamojo premium online store themes for small businesses

Instamojo Premium store themes
(Last Updated On: June 10, 2022)

Between choosing your products and creating a premium online store, there’s one important step – deciding on the best theme for your store. The theme of your store is what makes your business unique and stand out from the crowd.

Before we dive into the various themes for your business, let’s first understand why themes play an important role in making your first sale.

Why your Premium Online Store needs A theme

Who doesn’t want a cool-looking, colourful, and visually appealing online store? Selecting the theme for your online store can be a fun experience, after all this is what gives your online store life! 

If you don’t make a good first impression, not many people will like to hang around and dig deeper. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time and think about the theme of your online store.

Now that you know themes are an important element to your eCommerce website, let us proceed to set up the store. If you still don’t have a premium store on Instamojo, don’t worry. It takes just 2 minutes!

Check out our guide here on how to set up your Instamojo premium online store or watch this video for a better understanding.

How to select themes for your premium online store

Once you upgrade your store plan, head to the dashboard, click on Online Store > Store > Select Themes. If you are new to our store, we suggest you check out our free themes Cipher and Simplar before you move on to our premium version. 

With Instamojo premium online store, you get access to over 20+ themes that are guaranteed to attract customers. 

Here’s a quick visual of the number of themes available on our premium store that you can choose from:

Instatmojo premium themes

Your chosen theme will look something like this:

Instamojo ebook store
Instamojo ebook store

How to pick the right theme for your store

Although there are many things to consider when it comes to selecting a theme for online stores, let’s look at the most important aspects that contribute to making a good theme.

1. User Friendliness

Your store should allow visitors to explore freely and easily. In other words, visitors must have a clear path to navigate for a memorable experience in your store. For that, highlight the important sections clearly and make them look organised.

2. Features

Loading your store with features like a search bar, manage orders, export orders is always a good idea. These features will help boost the appeal of your online store. On Instamojo premium online store, we have added some unique and advanced marketing features that will take your online store to the next level.

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3. Customisation

Themes should allow you a certain degree of customisation to match your product and business model. It makes your store unique and tailored for your audience. The Instamojo premium store allows customisation to your home page like adding:

  • Testimonials from your customers
  • Latest Products and Featured Products
  • Categories on your Store Home Page and much more.

4. SEO

Having an SEO-friendly eCommerce website can save you money and help you rank higher on searches. Luckily, our premium store themes are already optimised for search engines so you don’t have to worry about it.

How to decide on the perfect theme for your product or service?

It is important to know that not all themes work with all types of products. Therefore, consider the following aspects before selecting a theme for your store.

  • The colour schemes 
  • Product display and aesthetics
  • Elements of the store that need to be highlighted
  • Other features like category, header, and footer

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Examples of themes based on businesses

If you are a service-based brand, the most important thing to highlight in your store would be the ‘About us’ section. In that case, a theme like Rugged or Fire may fit your bill the best. It clearly highlights what your brand does and explains the short and long-term vision of your business.

Rugged theme
Rugged theme

If you have a want to sell home decor online, then you probably require bigger and higher quality photos as compared to a detailed textual description. For the best experience, you should try out the Decor or Ikkat themes from our gallery.

Ikkat theme
Ikkat theme

If you have to sell food items like Desserts or have products that are focused on children, you can use the Fun theme. It is more colourful and lively. It also lets you avoid the serious tone and makes your store provide a warm experience.

Instamojo premium themes
Fun theme

For other products like clothing, art, and accessories it would be better to go with a theme that offers you elements to have bigger pictures and more visual aids. We suggest the Sakra theme from our premium options and Cipher which is a free version. 

Sakra theme
Sakra theme

You can further customise the theme you pick by going into Store setting > Theme option on your left panel. Here you can edit elements like slider image, banner text, home page customisation, and much more.

Customise your theme colour and font

You can now customise your store theme by changing the colour and font according to brand colour.

Browse through the available font list on your dashboard and preview them before applying it to your online store. As for colours, you can change colours for your heading texts, actions buttons, header background and more.

Colour and font customisation feature is available for Growth plan members.

Want to know which colours suit your brand? To help you decide, read this blog on colour psychology for businesses.

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Your premium online store in Instamojo is now fully customised and ready for your customers to browse through!

At Instamojo, we understand the importance of customer experience and journey. This is why we are constantly working to offer you a variety of high-quality themes to choose from no matter what business you are in.

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