How Swarochish is Selling Sustainable Ganapati Idols on Demand

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(Last Updated On: December 16, 2021)

Did you know that the oldest statue of Ganesha is dated to 531 AD? It is also true that humans have been sculptors even before they were agriculturists. Interesting isn’t it? 

Since then, we have come a long way. And with the rise of the internet in the post-pandemic world, increasingly many people are considering the idea to sell the idols of Lord Ganesha online this Ganesh Chathurthi.

How Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated in India

Millions of people in Mumbai and across India celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi — a 10-day festival where people bring home Ganesha in hope that he will bring prosperity. The festival is marked by bringing Lord Ganesha idols into homes.

Ganesh idol

The best time to see the action is in the few weeks leading up to the start of the festival when the finishing touches are put on the idols before they are up for sale.

Why should you sell idols online?

Idol-making is big business. Around 200,000 idol makers produce 600,000-700,000 Ganesh statues a year. Over one-quarter of the statues are exported and the rest are sold in India. 

The biggest advantage of selling idols online is that your products will be noticed by people from around the world. Moreover, you avoid the risk of going out to crowded marketplaces to find customers. Here, the customer comes to find you online.

Swarochish online store

Moreover, Ganesha idols and statues are of great significance to people around the world and thus are in great demand. Apart from devotees, art collectors love the paintings and idols of Lord Ganesha as well. Overall, you can say, Bappa idol is always in demand around the world.

3 strategies to sell idols online

1. Have your own online store 

Now comes the main question how will you sell idols online? The new-age sculptors are building their own eCommerce store to sell Bappa idols there. An online store can be created in minutes, where you list unlimited products and generate limitless revenues. 

You need an online store that doesn’t just function as a gallery but also as an online shop where collectors can buy your products. The Instamojo online store has two plans – the free plan and the premium plan priced at just 8/day. When you are just starting out, you can sell using the Instamojo free online store. All you need to do is sign up, upload pictures and collect payments online! 

2. Leverage social media

Instagram and Facebook are ideal social media platforms to promote your products and start selling idols online. You don’t have to use them all but make sure whichever platform you choose, do it well. Just remember to not mix business and personal content on your account — have a separate one for your business. You can also run ads on these platforms to get your business noticed and get selling.

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3. Give special festive discounts

Who doesn’t like to save some extra cash? 

Offer festive sale discounts on the items that will be bought for the festival season. Make the customer reach a certain order value to receive before making a discount. For example, you offer a 20% discount if the order value reaches ₹2000 and above. This way you can push up order values without having to give away too much as discounts.

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Seeing this, the little entrepreneur inside you must be excited, isn’t it? Well, then let’s set up an online shop to start a sculpture business online.

How you can also start selling online – Selling idols on the Instamojo premium online store

If you want to start selling idols online, you are already in the right place. Instamojo offers a free and premium online store. It is designed in a way where anyone can set up a custom online store with no coding or design skills necessary. All you need to do is –

  1. Sign up with your business email ID
  2. Enable payments and head to dashboard
  3. Click on physical products and upload your products online

Store design and themes

When setting up your online store, choose a theme that lets your images look large and have lots of white/negative space. Build upon these themes by layering in your own images and tweak the colours and layout to suit your business.

Some of our themes pick for selling idols online:
  • Cifer (free) is a great theme for beginners starting to sell online
  • Simpler (free) is a versatile theme that showcases products in a creative way
  • Decoration (premium) is a clean theme that gives your product the spotlight
  • Organic (premium) is the ideal theme for sculptures that sell custom work. It is great for displaying large collections.

How Swarochish sells idols on Instamojo

Swarochish sells eco-friendly idols and decorations by curating all the festival needs from different local artisans using the Instamojo free online store. 

Swarochish prefers selling idols online since it reaches a much wider audience and remains accessible to several of their followers. Also, their idols are shipped safely on time, and payments are made with ease.

If Swarochish can do it, so can you! Start selling idols on Instamojo today!


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