How to Host Webinars and Online Events in 2020: Tools, Tips & More

How to host webinars
(Last Updated On: May 26, 2021)

Webinars today are not just a marketing strategy – it is a way for businesses to stay relevant and even sell their products. But, do you know how to host webinars?

After the initiation of the lockdown globally, businesses and individuals alike have taken to LIVE streaming and conducting webinars to stay relevant and keep the show going.

Over 73% of marketing professionals say webinars are one of the best ways to collect leads and translate them into sales.

So, we recommend you turn on the camera and talk to your customers. Given that video marketing has spiked by 70% since the beginning of the year, webinars and online events are on the rise. Maybe even too much!

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So how can your brand stick it out and stay relevant in these times? We have some tips.

3 Tips to ensure your online webinar runs smoothly

Webinars are highly engaging. When you conduct an online event LIVE, more viewers pitch in to ask questions, engage in your content and you ace your lead generation game.

Pick a topic you would love:

Would you enjoy a topic about a minor product update? Or a news based webinar? No, you would love to listen or tune in to a webinar that could provide value to you as a person/business. So, pick topics like:

  • An engaging interview with a subject matter expert
  • A current trending debate that’s making headlines (How to tackle COVID In the workplace)
  • Learnings from an event/session you or your guest  held elsewhere

It’s a movie, so do a rehearsal:

When we conduct our mojoSeries, it’s handled like a play. There’s a script, lot of equipment testing, costumes (dress sharp) and lots of rehearsals. Maybe even some tears, but that’s mostly due to power failure. So make sure your internet connectivity and mic equipment are working perfectly.

Give your webinar a landing page:

When you promote your upcoming online event or webinar, don’t just share a promotional creative. Everyone is doing that.

  • Create a webinar landing page (check here for tools)
  • Send weekly reminders to those who registered
  • Set up tickets (paid or FREE) depending on your speaker/content/any costs incurred. You can set up your event tickets on Instamojo and send the link to your customers. You can also make use of our ‘Pay what you want’ feature to allow your online event attendees to choose and pay you a minimum amount or go above that amount.

For example: Click on the image for our latest webinar and you will be redirected to a landing page where you can sign up for the event.

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3 Tools You Need for the perfect webinar

As a webinar host, one of the most important elements of a successful webinar for me – is the right platform. Do not see yourself as a host to your online video, think you are the conductor of an orchestra. There are multiple people depending on your cue to execute what they need to say.

So, what platform would suit your perfect webinar?

Google Meets

Old is gold – and Google Meets is a family favourite. Plus, it’s FREE. The meeting software is accessible on mobile devices, desktop and tablets. You can share your screen and chat on the tool with your guests.

However, it does not allow you to record. Nevertheless, it makes for a great tool for webinars and you get to upload it to Youtube once the meeting is complete.

Examples of Google Meets


An all-time favourite, Zoom is the most LIVE friendly tool there is. This is perfect if you want to host a LIVE class/workout session/webinar which is interactive. You can connect Zoom to Facebook and Youtube LIVE. For example: Check out our latest webinar with Hubbler here.

mojoSeries Part 20: How to automate your business from home

Join us in conversation with Vinay Agrrawal, Founder of Hubbler as we discuss different automation tools you need for your small business in 2020. Register here for our FREE ebook and guide!

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Check out Google Meet’s and Zoom’s prices here.

Google meet vs Zoom free plan Webinars


Looking to host a webinar? ClickMeeting is user-friendly, quick and carries great resolution It is browser-based and you can customise your layout of every webinar to suit your brand. ClickMeeting also has a mobile app that allows you to schedule, invite, stream and record your webinars. The tool has a free plan, so give it a try here.

Click Meeting webinars

Instamojo Tip: If you are conducting an online event on social media, make sure you have an external mic and minimal background noise. Social media is prone to bugs (ask us) and can result in glitches in the middle of your webinar.


How Anshu Mor uses online events for stand up comedy

Due to the lockdown, several entertainment businesses have taken a hard hit. People are not flocking to theatres or comedy clubs, or even hitting the nearest pub to listen to some live music.

Anshu Mor Instamojo webinars

But that did not demotivate Stand up comedian Anshu Mor. He quickly took to the online platform, signed up on Instamojo and created an online store where customers could register for his online events. Anshu Mor sends his registered audience a Zoom link, which they can click and join to enjoy his hilarious stand-up comedy.

mojoSeries – Conducting LIVE webinars

Like many businesses out there, Instamojo too conducts monthly webinars called mojoSeries. We face issues too like:

  1. Internet connection glitching in the middle of a webinar
  2. Internet bug disrupting the webinar every 5 minutes.

How we tackle them:

  1. Check the internet connection well in advance, conduct demos and keep a script ready.
  2. Send an email to the registered audience once the webinar is LIVE.
  3. Test mic and keep a team of test users ready to let us know if any issue persists.
  4. Keep it interactive, chat with the audience and answer every question that comes our way.
  5. Send along ebooks and PDFs to those who stayed till the end!

It’s not rocket science, but it is a great way to collect leads – check out our webinars here if you need any reference.


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