How to Make Money Online Easily – 4 Easy Ways To Earn More For Your Business

how to make money online
Ever wondered how to make money doing nothing? Considered giving up your daily job to just sloth around at home? What if we told you, you could without having to move your butt (too much)?
(Last Updated On: June 3, 2021)

Ever wondered how to make money easily? We all have!

What if we told you, you could without having to actually get up and go anywhere?

Enter the Internet – a wonderful place to find just about anything. Here are four simple, legit ways you could harness the power of the internet to make money online:

1.Start a blog

If you love ranting or you have a PhD in Shakespeare, consider using your quill (keyboard)-wielding skills to mint some cash. There are several online platforms like WordPress and Blogmint that help you set up a free blogging account. You could write about anything under the sun.

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If you’re relevant and regular, you’ll start making money in just a few months! How? Consider hosting ads on your blog or just guest blogging. You could also sell subscriptions to your blog and collect payments using a simple Instamojo link.

2. Sell pre-owned items like a thrift store 

All you hoarders out there, it’s time to declutter and make some money out of that huge pile of black t-shirts you have been collecting for five years. Not using that bicycle? Sell it! What about that old tennis racket you so lovingly stuck bubble-gum stickers on but let away to rot in the storeroom? Sell it!

You can sell all your pre-loved stuff online. Just take pretty pictures, be honest about the product and put it up with a reasonable price tag and voila! You’re not just making money but are also making room for the new stuff you can buy with all that money!

Get your own free online store on Instamojo today!

3. Write/Record an Ebook

Writing or recording an Ebook is much like starting a blog. If you have a life-changing idea or know how to make a bland topic interesting to your audience, your job is half done. It needn’t be a long book. You could also sell guides and self-help material online.

GC Mouli, an engineer by day and successful author by the weekend, successfully published an ebook on Instamojo itself! His e-novel ‘The Son of Cauvery’ has garnered nationwide accolade. Read his inspiring story here. 

4. Offer professional services

Are you really good at listening? Or are you just a math genius? Offer services like online tuitions or join a counselling website. If you’re good at fixing pipes, offer a webinar on DIY plumbing. Or just review games on YouTube. If code is your thing, make an app.

There are a host of things you could do online and make money. You don’t have to worry about collecting the money for your services, though.

Just forward an Instamojo link to your customer and let them pay up in a few minutes – all hassle-free.

Update: This blog is updated on Mar 31st, 2021 


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