Become a pro: How to make the perfect video in 60 minutes

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)

People consume videos every single day. But as a business owner, are you choosing mindless consumption over actually monetising this opportunity? Video marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways of getting new customers. So why aren’t you starting?

If your answer is along the lines of:

“I am scared of facing the camera.” 

“Isn’t video editing too complicated and expensive?” 

“Why will anyone watch my videos” 

“Do videos really matter for my online business?” 

Well, let us help you erase ALL these pain points one by one. And by the end of the guide, you will know how to make the perfect videos for marketing in under 60 minutes!

Do videos really matter for my online business? 

We decided to answer the most boring(and important) question first. This is going to just be a bunch of numbers that give indisputable evidence of why video marketing may be the best thing that you ever do for your business.

Feel free to skip ahead to “Here are 5 hacks that help you make a video effortlessly in under 60 minutes” for some quick hacks.

Here is why videos matter:

  • 94% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service (Wyzowl)
  • Videos can help your content rank higher on search engines = 26% more clicks! (Lemon Light)
  • 81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales (HubSpot)
  • People watch an average of 19 hours of online video per week (Wyzowl)
  • 62% of people who use stories across the Meta family of apps say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories (Dash)
  • 70% users swiped up on Instagram stories ads to access a promoted website or product (Dash)

“Do videos really matter for my online business?”

What kind of videos should I be making for my business 

For an online business, showing your products and services is tricky. There is no trial room to check for misfitting clothes. There is no salesperson who can immediately answer your doubts. And so on.

Videos give a customer deeper insight into what your product actually can do in real-time.

Here are some ideas to make videos – 

Behind the scenes of making a product 

Just show the customers what exactly happens when you make a product. This video idea is also excellent for people who sell handicrafts online, or sell organic products online.


What is better at convincing customers to buy your product that seeing happy people use your product? Request your customers to send in video testimonials. Or if you are in the service business, then capture videos of people in action.

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Look at how consumers of Kriti Henna have sent in video bytes raving about their products.


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Knowledge videos 

We are always taught in content marketing that providing value through useful knowledge builds your credibility.

Make videos that teach your customers something about your industry.

Are you in the organic skincare business? Well, tell your customers about some harmful chemicals and the beneficial properties of your ingredients.

Are you an events planner? Well, teach your viewers some hacks on crowd control.

Pro tip: Myth-buster videos tend to go viral 

Look at how Wildberry organics, an environment-conscious brand is teaching its audience the correct way to layer for composting.

Product tutorials 

Probably the most popular types of videos online. 83% of respondents to a Techsmith survey said they prefer watching instructional videos. The leading searches on Youtube usually begin with a “How to”

So, just make a “how to” video.

Show people how to develop the skills that you have. In 2022, short-form reels that showed makeup tutorials and outfit tutorials ruled. So, show people tutorials on subject matters that you are an expert in.

This includes simple “do’s and don’ts videos”

Look at how this simple do’s and don’ts video from a mehendi artist – Thouseens henna, has garnered over 13 million views!

Btw, did you notice? All these types of videos are perfect to market your eCommerce business. But, they do not need you to face a camera.

✅ “I am scared of facing the camera.”

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How to make sure your videos get watched? 

In one word: Value.

If the video is helping the consumer learn something, then they will want more and more. This is even more apparent in niche industries.

Pro tip: Make videos that explore a niche topic. You’ll have lesser competition and a more engaged audience. 

There are some more factors that will definitely help your videos get noticed.

  1. Don’t use shaky videos
  2. Use a good thumbnail
  3. Distribute the video effectively
  4. Write an engaging caption
  5. Collaborate with other people (especially influencers)
  6. Incorporate user-generated-content

“Why will anyone watch my videos” 

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Here are 5 hacks that help you make a video effortlessly in under 60 minutes

Well, all of this is well and good. But, how do you still ensure making a video does not burn a hole in your pocket? Or worse – take up days and days of your time?

Well, there are two components to a video –

#1 The capturing of content

#2 Editing the captured content

Here are the 5 hacks that tackle both: 

Hack #1: Just leave the camera on

It is that simple. When you are explaining your product to your neighbour, your friend or even your cat, leave that camera on! Not only does it give you more confidence, one of those takes could be perfect for repurposing into promotional content.

Do your products have a high human labour quotient? Well, perfect opportunities!

While painting, cooking, creating handmade products, or even when taking a class – leave the camera on!

Hack #2: Start sending personalised video messages

Somewhat related to the first one – this will also help you be more familiar with recording videos.

Start sending personalised video messages to your friends and families. Do you want to form a deeper bond with your customers? Send them video birthday wishes! Or even special discount offers.

Out of 100 text messages, that one video message will stand out like a shining star.

Hack #3: Use Instagram to edit your videos

Every time a small business owner tells me “I don’t know the first thing about video editing apps”, I always say “Good news. You do not need to!”

Instagram’s inbuilt editing features can help you make amazing reels. Influencers across the globe use the Reel editing features to edit their viral videos.

Instagram editing

From editing short clips, choosing transitions, to automatically syncing short videos to music templates – Instagram has made short videos a smooth sailing!

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Hack #4: Equipment that costs under ₹5000

If you are just starting out, you want to churn out videos quickly.

Booking studios, hiring videographers, hiring a crew to operate lights and microphones – You could go into all of these.

OR, you could just get everything you want under ₹1000 for your own DIY studio set-up.

With reels becoming an everyday thing, video-making equipment has also become commonplace.

Easily buy affordable ring lights, a table tripod and a lapel mic/podcast mic from your nearby departmental stores or online. Keep your surroundings clean and distraction-free.

Source: Streamplify

Set up your ring light to a colour of your choice, set up your phone on a Tripod, and put on the lapel mic. That’s it. Just hit record!

Hack #5: List 3 pain points and solve them

Out of the 60 minutes, most time would probably go into writing the perfect script.

“Nobody is interested in the product. Consumers just want to know how the product would make their life easier.” Rohit Sharma, Co-founder – Bizgurukul.

Use a good combination of witty, smart and educational value to highlight what exactly will the customer gain. 

For this, you need to know your target audience inside out. Do prior research on what they actually want to know and what would pique their interest.

Now that you have these 5 hacks, video capturing and editing doesn’t look too complicated does it?

“Isn’t video editing too complicated and expensive?” 

Introducing product videos on Instamojo 

Now that you how effective product videos are for eCommerce business owners. And you also know how to make quick effective videos of your product or service.

It’s time to show them off to your customers! Introducing product videos.

On Instamojo, you can now add product videos to help convince your customer to buy your product.

Product videos on Instamojo


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