How to sell furniture online in India: tips and examples

sell furniture online
(Last Updated On: August 14, 2023)

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Hey there, furniture enthusiasts and aspiring online sellers! If you’re eager to dive into the world to sell furniture online in India, you’re in for an exciting ride. This article is your go-to guide, packed with tips from the pros. We’ll cover everything – from picking the right pieces and platforms to pricing strategies that’ll make your customers smile. And the best part? We’ve got real stories of online furniture sellers who’ve hit it big in India. Newbie or pro, uncover secrets to excel in India’s online furniture market. Learn how to sell furniture online effectively.

sell furniture online

The online furniture sector saw a boom; thanks to work-from-home and hybrid modes of working. People are buying furniture they need including desks, chairs, tables, etc since they are spending more time at home.

So, if you had a plan to sell furniture online, this is a perfect time.

What type of furniture can you sell online?

Curious about the world of online furniture sales? Well, have you ever wondered: What types of furniture are ideal for selling in the digital marketplace?

As projected by Technavio, the online furniture market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 17.73% from 2022 to 2027. This growth is predicted to result in a substantial market size increase of USD 139.97 billion. Market growth depends on online spending, tech, real estate, and home trends.

Ever thought about whether pillows fall under furniture, while excluding kitchen equipment? Furniture spans diverse categories; crucial when entering this business.

types of furniture

Also, nowadays, you could also sell old furniture online through platforms like OLX

The Indian furniture sector encompasses furniture, components like flooring, textiles, and various home decor items.

It does not include:

  • Home consumables
  • Home improvements
  • Products (hardware, tools paint, etc.) faucets
  • Kitchenware categories

14 essential steps to sell furniture online

Well, how did Pepperfry and HomeLane find success as online furniture-selling platforms? What was the core business plan that led to these businesses scaling it big?

Most importantly, how do customers trust furniture brands when purchasing something without testing/touching it to ensure quality?

In the ever-evolving realm of online commerce, selling furniture holds boundless potential for success. Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines creativity, strategy, and digital prowess? Look no further. 

Let’s outline 14 essential steps to excel in the online furniture market

From product selection to customer engagement, each step is a cornerstone in constructing your online furniture business for enduring prosperity. 

Let’s dive into the essential roadmap that promises to reshape your entrepreneurial landscape.

1. Start with market research and niche identification

Research the online furniture market in India, understand customer preferences, and identify a niche or unique selling proposition (USP) that sets you apart from competitors.

If you are new to selling furniture, make sure you check the following –

  • Read up on the market share of different furniture items.
  • Research on trending designs. Consult with different furniture design experts on this.
  • Get samples of new products before you buy them.
  • Set up a unit with trusted vendors and purchase or lease machinery.
  • Maintain a steady flow of working capital

Customers are more aware than ever of the quality of the products they buy. Therefore, you need to do a little market research and find vendors and wholesalers who source good, low-cost materials and craftsmanship.

Once these are in place, we can start to focus on setting up an online platform.

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2. Consider product selection and sourcing

Choose a range of furniture products that align with your niche and target audience. Source or create high-quality, appealing items that meet customer demands.

3. Select the platform 

Decide on the best website to sell furniture online – consider using established marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, or creating your own eCommerce website.

The offline furniture sector covers only 50 out of close to 500 Indian cities in India, serving just about 10% of the Indian population.

So how can you reach everyone and tell them about your brand? Set up your premium online store on Instamojo

Start with a social media page, and a WhatsApp group of your first 50 loyal customers, and work around the feedback that keeps your business on its toes.

In 2022, let’s face one truth – despite the world returning to normal, online shopping is here to stay! You can check out online platforms like:

  1. Online store platforms like Instamojo
  2. Online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Pepperfry, Rentomojo
  3. A brand website with integrated payment links
  4. Online thrift stores– Instagram and Facebook store

Tip: An online marketplace is ideal to sell used furniture, and it will sell quickly for the low price. Do not sell new furniture as your products could get lost in the ocean of furniture.

How Ecowoodies uses the Instamojo free online store to sell furniture?

Ecowoodies, an online furniture seller makes customized cane furniture and sells its products on the Instamojo online store.

The brand uploads photos of its cane chairs and footstools to the store with a detailed description of the product.

Ecowoodies - how to sell furniture instamojo

4. Create compelling listings

Craft detailed and engaging product listings. Include high-quality images, accurate descriptions, dimensions, materials used, and any special features.

5. Consider pricing strategy

Set competitive and profitable prices for your furniture. Consider factors like production costs, competitor pricing, and perceived value by customers.

6. Ensure smooth order fulfilment

Establish efficient logistics and delivery processes. Ensure safe and timely shipping, keeping customers informed about the status of their orders.

The worst kind of customer review is when it is not your fault!

Many times, customers have received furniture that comes broken or damaged during transit in shipping. While this is not your business’s fault, you are still accountable for it when it comes to the customer.

The solution is simple. When you set up a website or an online store, check the shipping partner reviews. Find out which eCommerce shipping service is used by furniture retailers in your city, and be clear about the shipping time for different furniture categories.

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7. Create a user-friendly website (if applicable)

If you’re running your own eCommerce website, design it to be user-friendly, responsive, and easy to navigate. Incorporate secure payment gateways.

If you wish to sell your furniture on an online website, here are some important things to consider:

Choose a website builder

If you are new to the online game and do not want to spend a lot of money on an independent website. eCommerce website builders let you create a website on your own, for a monthly subscription fee.

You need to choose an eCommerce platform that suits your business.

Set a product description

Furniture is not as easy to purchase as clothes or books. People want to take their time before making a decision to buy a piece of furniture. Therefore, you need to invest time to describe the product in detail when uploading it to the store or website.

For example – take a look at how well Saraf furniture describes its product information in different categories. Ensure you mention –

  • Furniture dimensions
  • Warranty information
  • Estimated shipping time
  • Maintenance instructions

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Publish the product photos

Take clear, high-definition photos of your furniture before you upload it. Provide photos with dimensions mentioned in the photo itself. In eCommerce, product photography is crucial when convincing your customers to buy your product.

How to sell furniture online

Couch - how to sell furniture online

Selling furniture online india

8. Consider online marketing

Utilize digital marketing strategies to promote your furniture business. This can include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email campaigns, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Almost every new furniture business has an online platform on social media. Did you know Pinterest is a great platform for furniture sellers?

Customers add furniture they would like to buy to their Pinterest boards. They share beautiful furniture products with their friends on Instagram.

How to boost sales on social media and sell furniture online?

Hey there, ready to dive into the world of boosting furniture sales through social media? We’ve got you covered! The following steps spill the beans on how to captivate your audience, ramp up your brand’s visibility, and turn those clicks into actual sales.

Get ready to blend creativity with commerce and give your furniture the online spotlight it deserves!

  • Share customer testimonials on social media: Customer reviews are crucial for furniture brands. Online shoppers worry about quality. Get happy customers to review on social media, then share these on your stories and site.
  • Have a strong customer support system in place: Connect with customers, seek feedback, and offer free assembly. Provide after-sales support through emails, calls, or social media DMs. This keeps negative feedback away from your site and handles!

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  • Offer discounts and coupon codes: Surprising fact: 92% of shoppers use discount codes. These codes not only draw customers but also open doors for more sales. Stay savvy with seasonal trends, provide discounts and coupons, and watch your sales soar.

pinterest board


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9. Provide the best customer service

Provide excellent customer support through various channels – email, chat, or phone. Address inquiries, concerns, and issues promptly to build trust.

10. Check the quality assurance

Maintain the quality of your furniture and ensure it meets or exceeds customer expectations. Quality products lead to positive reviews and repeat business.

11. Respect customer reviews and feedback

Encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback about their experience and the products they purchased. Positive reviews can significantly influence potential buyers.

12. Proceed with the continuous improvement

Stay updated with industry trends and customer preferences. Continuously improve your product offerings, website, and customer service to stay competitive.

13. Consider analytics and insights

Monitor sales data, website traffic, and customer behaviour using real time eCommerce analytics. Use this data to make informed decisions and optimize your strategies.

14. Time to scale and expand

Once you’ve established a successful online furniture business, consider expanding your product range, reaching new audiences, or even exploring international markets.

Online furniture selling tips to mastering success

online furniture feels like home

Selling furniture online requires a blend of creativity, strategy, and dedication. To truly excel in this dynamic landscape, consider these advanced tips that can elevate your online furniture business:

  • Craft a unique brand identity: Establish a resonant brand image from logo to website design that reflects your values.
  • Embrace sustainability: Offer eco-friendly furniture options and highlight your commitment to reducing environmental impact.
  • Collaborate with influencers: Partner with interior design influencers for credibility and wider reach.
  • Implement retargeting: Remind potential customers of their interest through retargeting ads.
  • Provide assembly and care info: Include detailed instructions and videos for assembly and maintenance.
  • Leverage testimonials: Showcase customer reviews to build credibility.
  • Personalize shopping: Use customer data for tailored product recommendations.
  • Offer virtual design consultations: Provide personalized advice for a premium touch.
  • Showcase user-created content: Encourage customers to share photos of your furniture in their homes.
  • Cross-promotions: Collaborate with complementary brands for mutual exposure.
  • Limited editions: Create urgency with limited edition collections.
  • Subscription services: Offer rentals or maintenance services for ongoing customer value.
  • Influencer social proof: Gain visibility by engaging influencers in your niche.
  • Email marketing: Nurture relationships with targeted campaigns and informative content.
  • Interactive customization: Develop configurators for personalized product designs.
  • Compelling descriptions: Craft emotional narratives around your furniture pieces.
  • Social responsibility: Support causes and showcase ethical initiatives.
  • A/B testing: Experiment with layouts, buttons, and strategies for optimization.
  • Industry partnerships: Connect at trade shows for networking and exposure.

Examples of leading Indian retailers who sell furniture online

Here comes the time to discover how Indian furniture retailers are thriving online, offering a wide range of options from traditional craftsmanship to contemporary designs.

  • Urban Ladder: Offering modern and stylish furniture options with a focus on quality and customer service.
  • Pepperfry: Providing a wide variety of furniture styles along with frequent discounts and deals.
  • HomeTown: Offering diverse home furnishings and furniture solutions, blending contemporary and traditional designs.
  • WoodenStreet: Specializing in custom-made furniture to suit individual preferences and spaces.
  • FabIndia: Incorporating traditional Indian craftsmanship into furniture designs, along with clothing and decor items.
  • Durian: Delivering stylish and practical furniture solutions for modern homes, including sofas, beds, and more.
  • Livspace: Offering both interior design services and a range of furniture and decor items through their online store.

Furniture eCommerce made easy with Instamojo

Consumers are back on the buying spree, and new market trends show that eCommerce will drive the way forward both in order volume and sales.

If you wish to set up your online store, send payment links, integrate payment APIs, offer customer support, collect leads, and sell on social media – you are in the right place already.

Sign up on Instamojo and choose how you would like to start selling your furniture. We can help!


Q1: Where best to sell furniture online?

A1: Undoubtedly, popular platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, or your own website suit different needs.

Q2: What percentage of furniture is sold online?

A2: At just 3% of India’s furniture market, online furniture is a fast-growing e-commerce segment. Also, growing steadily at 35-40% for five years, this segment surged due to COVID-19.

Q3: Can you make money selling furniture online?

A3: Certainly, with planning, quality products, marketing, and customer service, online furniture sales can be profitable.

Q4: Is selling furniture a profitable business?

A4: Yes, it can be profitable by offering quality, unique products, efficient operations, and good customer support. Success might take time.

Sell furniture online

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