How to sell on WhatsApp practically for Indian sellers

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2022)

Over 2 billion users use the instant communication app – WhatsApp! That’s a HUGE customer base that all eCommerce businesses should tap into!

In India, more than 4 million active users in India have adapted to this one communication channel now! But not many know how to sell on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a very personal tool but there is still a large audience lying there. To tap into this channel, your marketing strategies need to be exclusive.

Here, we are going to talk about how to reach out to that audience and sell via WhatsApp.

How to sell on WhatsApp practically

1. Accept sales inquiries on WhatsApp

Be open to sales communications on WhatsApp when you start selling on your online website. To do this, keep a business number registered separately. This adds a more personal touch to your business – we all love the convenience of communicating free of cost on WhatsApp.

Tips to sell on whatsapp instamojo

In all your marketing communications, share your WhatsApp number to let them know that they can personally reach out to you if they have a question about your product.

2. Tap into marketing groups on WhatsApp

Just imagine, with an audience this large – your chances of making sales can double! There are a lot of marketing groups on WhatsApp that leads to an easy conversation between buyers and seller!

Because of government initiatives and cheap access to the internet, connecting on WhatsApp to buy and sell online has become a commonplace practice. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your revenues and get new customers!

3. How to Find WhatsApp Groups

Ask fellow sellers

When you talk to your seller friends, there is a chance that they might be a part of a group that connects sellers of a similar category. Ask around.

We have the opportunity to tell you before you have to ask. Yes, Instamojo also has a strong community of small business owners who regularly connect and talk about things all business!

Be a part of our small business community on Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram!

Search on Facebook groups

Look around on Facebook for groups where sellers interact with each other. Chances are high that they also have a WhatsApp group for the same. Ask to be a part of them.

3. Create your own Group on WhatsApp

You can find like-minded people and start your own group on WhatsApp and let the word spread by making your initial members admin.

They can add more people to the group and eventually, you will have a decent audience.

You can find inspiration here: Example of a business group for DTC brands.

4. How to make a sale on WhatsApp

With Instamojo, it is easy to share product links directly from your online store to the person showing interest on Whatsapp! If you don’t have your own independent store yet, create an online store for free here!

After finishing the signup process, you can create a payment link that has information about the product you are selling. You can create multiple payment links for multiple products. 

These payment links are also shareable on WhatsApp in chats. Your customers can click on this link and proceed with the payment. This is how it looks in a WhatsApp group:

Sell on Whatsapp


5. Support is the new sales with WhatsApp

It’s a good idea to stay in touch with customers and ask them if they would want to receive updates on new and related products from you.

Building a relationship with your customers on WhatsApp keeps your brand name fresh in their mind and it is probable that they will make a repeat purchase.

Related read: 5 Proven Way to get repeat customers 

Sell on WhatsApp

6. Create a WhatsApp Business account 

Once your business scales, manually keeping track of every single message and order on WhatsApp can become impossible.

To make your life easier, you can also switch to a WhatsApp business account! Check it out here.

With the business account, you can automate your chat replies, provide your business details to potential customers easily and also show them product catalogues. You can also use it to send automated important notifications like delivery schedules or stock availability.

*Warning: WhatsApp spam can be overkill. Avoid spamming your customers with forced sales messages.

We believe WhatsApp should be a complement to your other communication channels for marketing and not a sole marketing channel. The key is to give your customers more options when they are looking for it.

Do you want to also learn how to use other social media platforms to make more sales? Visit free learning platform for forward-thinking entrepreneurs & SMEs – mojoVersity.

If you have any queries or need help on how to market and sell on WhatsApp from your online store, comment and let us know. You can also reach out to us at

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  1. Hi @instamojo team,
    Thanks for clarifying lots of doubts. It’s very helpfull to us. I have few queries. If possible please clarify those.
    We are going to start a Whatsapp group to sell products. But we need reach the sellers. The seller like clothing etc…
    1.How do I do that. Is there any specific place to find the seller or any media to reach them.

  2. This is really a smart way of selling but I came to know that the quality of users is very bad and one needs to put extra efforts in order to sell on whatsapp. However if you got a certain set of audience then it will work perfectly.

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  4. Mam,
    I want to start a business on WhatsApp by collecting my products from various sources. Before starting the business should I have to register somewhere?? What’s the actual process of doing such business??

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  12. Hello
    Please help me
    How can sale video online and payment receive By instamojo and how can create paid account in instamojo please what is your contact number

    1. Just go to and sign up. It takes less than two minutes.
      If you want to collect payments more than Rs.10,000 a month, you can submit some documents and your account will be verified within minutes.

      Drop us your number at and we’ll give you a call.

  13. We have a @Fashion Fizzy whatsup group for selling merchandise. We are dealing directly with manufacturer and dealers. We are adding customers to provide one to one services. Interested seller may also approach us for selling purpose.
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  14. WhatsApp is a sleeping giant. Business promotion through WhatsApp is going to increase in coming days. Especially the small and home based businesses are going to take advantage of this platform along with Facebook. As a Digital Marketing training company soon we are going to add a WhatsApp marketing module on our full stack Digital Marketing course.

    Soumya Roy
    DM & SEO Coach

    1. Hi I am an online seller on.whatsapp..only through whatsapp groups for different category of products as a reseller
      .we get images of products from manufactures suppliers or direct dealer who deal in various products than we circulate those in out direct consumer lost with adding our margin and quoting sine price to our clients ..we take payment ts on put account through next or imps .
      And then we fwd payment to.our vendor this keeping our margin and product is despatched directly from. The person who is having the product to my clients address and they charge the client shipping we are just action g as mediators this scenario as I do r have the stock and even the despatch happening from.vendor to client directly who is going to pay GST as there could be several mediators n between since the product may not be coming to me directly so in chain thereay be several people in line so how to go about it ..though I pay it since all my transactions are crystal clear through online and the gross income is less than 5 lakhs per annum. Pls reply as I dint unrest and where do u stand and what kind of registration I am.required to online selling is the only option left for me to earn …

      1. Can u give me your whats app number, I m in need of active re-sellers for my products
        pls ping me on whats app 9028889918

    2. Hi, Can I promote digital products and courses through Whatsapp. I am also into Affiliate Marketing. Is Whatsapp suitable for this?


    1. Hey Anju,

      It’s best to opt for a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license before you start operating. (The link leads to how you can apply for a FSSAI license)
      Also with the GST coming it, if you are selling your chocolates across state borders, you will need to keep invoices. If you are already signed up with Instamojo, your buyers will automatically get a receipt for the purchase when they pay you via Instamojo on whatsapp!

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        I want to know how to ask people to buy my product
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