How to Use Instamojo Zapier Integration for your Business

How to Use Instamojo Zapier Integration for your Business
(Last Updated On: March 1, 2023)

Zapier is a magic tool. It allows you to connect two or more apps/software to get desired results. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Instamojo Zapier integration to simplify and automate tasks that would otherwise take years to complete if you did it manually!  😅

Why automate your business tasks? 🤔

The simple answer is – save time. There are so many advantages to automating business tasks.

Some major reasons why you should be automating tasks for your business are:

  • Give your customers the right access to your product/service at the right time
  • Make the most of your time as a small business. Forget about manually compiling data or sending emails every time someone signs up on your product/offering or makes a purchase from you
  • Help your customers make the right decision at the right time
  • Engage your customers and offer value to them – increase your brand loyalty and repeat customers
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Why choose Instamojo Zapier integration?

At Instamojo, we give complete control of data to businesses on the platform. You can get access to:

  • Data (email and phone number) of customers completing payments or purchase on Instamojo
  • Customers dropping off payments or a purchase
  • Geography and demography data
  • Sales and turnover data for your business
  • Unique lifetime customers data
  • Gross sales volume data, and much more

You can also apply filters to all the data with advanced analytics on Instamojo.

Zapier works on two major elements – actions and triggers. That means – every time an action is taken on Instamojo, Zapier will allow you to trigger an event with another application or software. This can help you automate tasks like sending emails or updating spreadsheets.

The below image shows just some of the many things you can do with the Instamojo Zapier integration.

zapier instamojo integration

Using the Instamojo Zapier integration: ⚙️

The Instamojo Zapier integration is built on two basic trigger events –

instamojo zapier triggers

What this means:

Should you wish to integrate Instamojo with Zapier, we pass on two types of data to Zapier. Every time a customer drops off a purchase and every time a new successful payment happens on Instamojo.

You can now use these triggers to create zaps and connect with 2000+ other apps and trigger events. Some popularly used events include:

  • Triggering an outbound email
  • Updating google spreadsheets or mailing lists
  • Booking appointments or sales calls on calendar apps
  • Populating advertising lists etc.,

Here are the top apps that the Instamojo Zapier integrations are used with: 🔝

What data is available in the Instamojo Zapier Integration 📊

We pass on two trigger events to Zapier from Instamojo. In the trigger events, here is the list of buyer/customer data available for payment dropped off trigger:

  • id
  • title
  • currency
  • created_at (date and time stamp)
  • buyer_email
  • buyer_name
  • buyer_phone
  • amount
  • order_status
  • payments_url
  • payments retry_link

For a payment successful trigger, you get access to all the above data except the payment retry link as it counts as a successful payment:

  • customer address
  • city
  • state
  • pin code
  • country
  • payment_id
  • instrument type or the payment method used
  • status of the payment – success or failed
  • resource URL – the API recall for that particular payment

Get started with the Instamojo Zapier integration in a few simple steps ⬇️

While this image below shows how webhooks work with Instamojo Zapier integrations, these are the 4 basic steps that you can connect any app to make the most of your Instamojo business data.

Instamojo zapier integration steps

You can use zapier filters to customise what data you want, how much data you want, whether you want it for one product/payment or for all the products on your Instamojo store.

VIDEO: Watch how to use the Instamojo Zapier Integration – all steps included ▶️

Why businesses ❤️ Instamojo Zapier integration

Been waiting for Zapier integration for a long time. This will make Instamojo the super app to run entire businesses. – Anup Kurup, digital content creator.

At Instamojo, we understand how much time you need to give to your business and that’s why the Zapier integration makes perfect sense to automate mundane business tasks. Now, you can focus on the more important parts and let this integration take care of the small things.

Get started on Instamojo to start, manage, and grow your business easily online.


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