5 Inspiring disability owned small businesses powered by Atpar Nedar

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2021)

Last week, we did something huge. Our team got in touch with atPar – The Alliance To Promote Abilities and Rehabilitation (ATPAR). The social enterprise actively empowers marginalized groups, persons with disabilities and their families to become financially independent and build their own businesses.

So, what did we do? We helped them set up their online stores on Instamojo! The


This initiative started as a business support group to provide alternative livelihood solutions for those who did not get job opportunities

Nedar – Network of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities for Assistance & Rehabilitation aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system for entrepreneurs with disabilities and empower them to conduct and grow their businesses. 

In this blog, we feature 5 of these inspiring entrepreneurs and share their business growth stories with Nedar.

Ranjeet – RK Fashions

Ranjeet atpar nedar

Ranjeet comes from a family of carpet weavers from Badohi, U.P. After years of experience, he started the business on his own in 2017. 

Through hard work, skill, and quality of work, he has expanded his business beyond Delhi to Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, Jammu, Nagaland and now runs all over India, with his premium online store. Ranjeet is orthopedically handicapped and has great dreams to expand his business in the coming years.

He underwent ATPAR’s Entrepreneurship Development Training Program and joined NEDAR. During the pandemic, he got an order to manufacture over 60,000 cotton masks, from production to packaging. Since then, he purchased more machinery and employed 16 more persons (including 3 persons with disabilities). 

Umesh Kumar – Divya LED Lights

Mr Umesh busy in his manufacturing unit

Mr Umesh chose to start his own NGO and Coaching Centre before taking up ATPAR’s Entrepreneurship Development Training. Looking to grow his income, he partnered with Mr Ganshyam, another NEDAR member and set up Divya LED Lights. 

Mr Umesh takes care of manufacturing and Mr Ghanshyam looks after Marketing. 

Both entrepreneurs are orthopedically handicapped and work tirelessly to ensure that they can manufacture good quality LED bulbs to sell online via their store.  They plan to manufacture a full-range LED and Mercury vapour lamps and grow in 2021! 

Naserul Gaffar Shekh – Naserul Kashmiri Shawl

Naserul Atpar Nedar

Mr Naserul Gaffar Shekh from Budgam holds a graduate degree and diploma in Hand Embroidery. The orthopedically handicapped entrepreneur learnt Sozni Embroidery from his father, and soon set up his own business – Naserul Kashmiri Shawl in 2017. His father supported him with the business investment and in the embroidery work. 

Currently, he employs 25 people (3 persons with disabilities). He became a member of ATPAR’s NEDAR initiative in 2020 and participated in mainstream events. Now, he also conducts his business via his online store on Instamojo. 

Vishnu Kumar – Vishnu Jute Bag & Jewellery

Vishnu Atpar

Mr Vishnu Kumar is a wheelchair user and up until his journey as an entrepreneur, used to work different jobs to pay the bills. Later, he joined an NGO in Delhi, to learn to computer and cutting & sewing and also attended a special course on Artificial Jewellery Making.

In 2018, he started his own enterprise—Vishnu Jute Bag & Jewellery. He founded it with two more people from the differently-abled community. They make unique jute bags and jewellery. Vishnu also got into the corporate gifting sector —selling conference bags, folders, and other office accessories.

A bag made by vishnu
A bag made by Vishnu

To market the business, he participates in weekly exhibitions in and around Delhi-NCR. His wife, Kavita, supports him with jute bag manufacturing.

He attended ATPAR’s Entrepreneurship Development Training through NSIC in 2019. Later, he went on to become a member of ATPAR’s NEDAR initiative through which he got opportunities to participate in exhibitions/fairs organised for MSMEs by NHFDC.

His business is now digital with Instamojo’s premium online store. Give it a look here. 

Nitin Kishan Chand – Nitin Art’s

Mr Nitin Kishan Chand atpar nedar

Mr Nitin, an entrepreneur with hypo-thyroid & general debility, learnt to draw and paint in Muskaan Special School, New Delhi before embarking on his business journey.

Supported by his mother Ms Shirley Kishan Chand, they started to retail his paintings/drawings in Exhibitions. Since 2005, they have been getting orders from corporates too. They are members of ATPAR’s NEDAR initiative and also get mentoring support from the NGO. 

Hear their stories –

We went LIVE with a few atPar mentored entrepreneurs to hear their stories up close. These stories are real, raw, and truly inspirational. You can catch our webinars here:

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Got a business idea? Do not let anything stop you from setting it up today!

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