Instagram Business Tools & Hacks For Marketers in 2020

Instagram business hacks for 2020

Home-based businesses are thriving on Instagram, especially right now. Instagram business tools – free or paid are modified to help businesses sell and scale without a website.

So, it becomes a necessity to know how to optimize your Instagram marketing algorithm and get your brand beyond noticed by customers. You need to get them to buy from you too. 

Marketers today work smart – when the internet gives you free tools, use it. Also, customers want to feel engaged, valued and important. How can we make that happen on Instagram, without getting swallowed in the void of a million other businesses? 

Instagram business hacks to boost your brand

Optimize your Instagram Link in Bio:

If you have a business account on Instagram, you know that the only place Instagram allows you to add a link is in your bio. As a business, you will tire of constantly telling customers to check ‘link in bio’, for every product or update.

We recommend using Linktree, a tool that allows you to add multiple links in one parent link. You get a shortened URL that you can share on your bio without cluttering your profile header.

Pahartah Instamojo
Pahartah – a brand that primarily sells on Instagram, keeps a clean, simple bio with linktree

Once you click on the linktree in the bio, this appears:

Pahartah Instamojo 2
The CTA buttons are all clickable and will lead to individual links. This is very useful for businesses that do not have a website.
Show off Using Instagram Stories:

Yes, just like an account, everyone posts Instagram stories. But how do you get your brand noticed? We have a few tips:

If your customer has tagged your brand, repost the story with a thank you message. Testemonials are the key to a nervous customer’s heart, it builds trust and guarantees a purchase.

Customer testemonial Vilvah Instamojo blog
Vilvah – an eco-friendly cosmetics brand, shares all the Instagram stories their customers tag them in.

Add to Highlights. Keep separate categories for your Instagram stories, so that customers can come back to your page and go through your stories. You can also make use of design tools like Canva to add an attractive cover image for your story highlights. This helps customers to flip through your story highlights like a brochure.


therapara instamojo blog reference
Therapara Travels uses highlights like an album, so customers can look through anytime.

Besides these tips, spruce up your Instagram stories with Hashtags, location stickers and polls/questions to keep customers engaged.

Sell on Instagram LIVE:

Instagram LIVE has jumped by 70% since the year commenced. Confined to their homes, everyone has taken to talking to people/customers on Instagram LIVE. As a business, it’s important to use Instagram LIVE to answer customer’s queries, conduct interviews with experts and maybe have a takeover with a customer. 

If you sell products, conduct an Instagram LIVE to test your product out yourself. For example, if it is a cosmetic brand, show how it works. This can work as a follow-up to an Instagram poll. Ask a few questions to your customers, work your answers into your LIVE.

Cap on the captions:

” Double-tap if you have a dream business!” ” Do you love Mondays after trying out our new coffee brew?”

Write captions for your customers in a way that prompts them to leave a comment! Since your brand appears on the customers feed, direct them to your link in bio. Add emojis in your caption, but go easy on the caps lock!


Instagram Analytics Tools Your Business Needs 


How do you know if your customers want to buy from you? Iconosquare is a must-have tool for any social media marketer to keep track of customer engagement.

This Instagram business tool helps you leverage analytics and tools to grow your brand online. With Iconosquare, you can track posts that bring in strong engagement from customers. You can effectively schedule your posts in advance and this tool will give you a breakdown of all your followers that will help you know them better.


A slightly different tool, Hypeauditor is for you if you want to keep a close track of your followers. This tool is AI-powered Instagram account authenticity checking platform. This tool keeps track of your existing and potential followers on Instagram and weeds out the fake ones. It comes with an audience quality score metric to measure the quality of your audience.

Content Tools For Instagram:


Great content is one of the first things marketers need to nail on the head when it comes to Instagram brand building. Building an audience requires content that delivers. For that, your followers should see each post too. Crowdfire is a free Instagram marketing tool that helps you boost your customer outreach as organic as possible.

What makes it different? Crowdfire allows you to follow competitors followers that eventually help you in getting the traffic you need for your account.

Research shows that over 30% of followers will end up following you back. So it is a good idea to use a tool like Crowdfire to get your popularity started.


Since you are on Instagram, it only makes sense to watch out for the kind of hashtags you upload along with your content. Hashtags allow you to climb higher on the engagement scale and lets your audience see your content better and before anyone else.

Leetags is a hashtag generator on Instagram that offers relevant, related and popular hashtags for all your posts. Along with this, you can also optimize your social media marketing. Choose your favourite hashtags and Leetag will allow you to create subcategories of these hashtags. LeeTag also allows you to save search results, hashtag categories and create a list of favourite hashtags to save your time. is a link-in-bio tool that allows you to drive traffic from your Instagram accounts to multiple pages you want to promote.
With, you can add unlimited links through a single URL – send your followers to your e-commerce page or a download page or your other social media accounts. The possibilities are endless.

Growth Tools For Instagram:


Running contests for your audience is another way to improve customer engagement and traffic on your page. With Gleam, you can create a variety of campaigns that will help you plan contests for your user base.


Grow your Instagram account using Combin, a growth marketing tool for safe and organic reach. This tool helps you reach out to new followers and customers.

Scheduling Tools:


Later, is a popular scheduling tool for marketers who enjoy scheduling and media storage features. If you need to build a complex Instagram content plan, this is the tool you need to schedule your posts. This tool is widely used to create user-generated content too. You can create customised content libraries in this tool for your posts.


A new tool making the rounds, HopperHQ is an interesting tool that marketers can play around with. HopperHQ creates, plans, and schedules posts to Instagram automatically. They are completely integrated with Instagram and makes your schedule for posting any content much easier.

Photo Editing Tools:


A sharp-image editing tool that allows you to have pleasing, aesthetic photos that your customers will love to view. If you are selling products on Instagram, why not upload photos that will make customers know a little more about your brand? VSCO is a favourite tool for many photographers and Instagram influencers.


To succeed in Instagram, you don’t just need aesthetically pleasing visuals, you need to stand out. Instasize is the go-to creative toolkit for brands and content creators. Start a trend with the app’s rich selection of filters and effects or make advanced beauty edits in seconds all in one app.


Instagram is all about visual appeal, and with a brand like yours, it is important to invest in the right image editing tool out there. Make your users stop and stare at your photos with Afterlight, a favourite tool for small business owners who do not have the time to hire a designer.

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webinar may 2020

How Instamojo works as an effective Instagram tool:

Selling on Instagram? Instamojo helps you get paid through Instagram. Once you signup with Instamojo and create a payment link, you can follow these quick steps to track payments through Instagram. 

  1. Sign up with Instamojo and create your account. Follow the verification steps. It should take a few minutes to approve your account after you have uploaded your KYC.
  2. Post-signing-up,  @username is your payment handle (like your Instagram handle). This automatically creates your link as This is like a simple product listing page where all your payment links will appear to others.
  3. You can create these product links by clicking on the “Create a Payment link” in your Instamojo dashboard.
  4. Share the product link with your customers in DM or bio link to let them buy your product. As soon as your customer buys the product, you are notified via email.
  5. Use Instapay or Request a Payment: If you don’t want to create separate links for each product, just send your payment handle ( to your customers via messages. They will land on your Instapay page as where they can make a payment.

Collecting payments for your business via Instagram using Instamojo, is quick, easy and convenient. If you prefer Instagram as a marketing and networking tool so, take your business online with the Instamojo free online store. Here’s how you can sell on Instagram using Instamojo.



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