New Instamojo Android App – Take your business everywhere you go

Instamojo Android App - Take your business everywhere you go
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2023)

Introducing the new (and revamped) Instamojo Android app. Now you can manage your business- anywhere, anytime! Just download it from your play/app store and get the power of payments, shipping, and more in minutes! 

With the Instamojo Android App, you can also collect payments, receive payouts faster, ship all your orders, activate business tools and much more. 

We have added some unique and advanced features to the Instamojo Android app. The updated features allow you to get the full Instamojo Desktop Dashboard experience on the app.

Top Features & Benefits of Instamojo Android App 

We have a team that constantly works towards providing customers with the best user experience with our products, features, and apps. When our customers began asking for a solution to track their payments without desktop assistance, we knew we couldn’t just create an app.

It had to cater to every small detail of a users’ business need.

Real-time monitoring of payments & payouts 

The most critical aspect of a business is to keep track of all sales & payments from your buyers in real-time. The Instamojo eCommerce app not only provides you with total sales but also showcases the list of transactions. 

You can also monitor each payout and keep a tab on how much money has been transferred into the bank account. 

Business tools 

The Instamojo App store serves as a lifeline for many businesses. The app store boasts of strong business growth-focused apps such as page builder, leads manager, MailChimp integration, and many more. 

You will find these business tools/ features on the Android app. Simply subscribe and use them for your daily business needs. You can create your own landing page using the Page builder on the android app. 

Create payment links & a free online store

Instamojo android app

If your business uses payment links to collect payments, you can easily collect mobile payments using the app and track your payments. You can edit/create payment links and add new products to your online store. Whether you want to showcase your product or share links to users to collect payments, you can do it all on the Instamojo android app.  

Send packages through the app

instamojo android app

We recently covered how mojoXpress Reduced Shipping Time by 99.8% for entrepreneursIt’s even more convenient and time-saving to send packages through the app now. You can send and track your packages from anywhere in the world, as long as you have the app. 

BONUS: Get your first shipment for free. Flat discount of up to ₹100 

Get faster payouts 

Getting payouts faster is a key business requirement for business owners. The default payout schedule, at times, maybe a cause for distress when it comes to paying vendors, third party associates and other administrative requirements. 

That’s why faster payouts are available as a payout method at the click of a button for Instamojo sellers. We work with various banking and lending partners to bring you faster payouts in three forms: 

  • Same-Day Payout
  • Next-Day Payout
  • Instant Payout
  • Faster Payout

If you’re a business owner and want to speed up things when you’re not in office or your factory, download the app right away. 

What’s next in our list of new products and features? Be a part of the Instamojo community to find out before anyone else.


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