Instamojo Chrome Extension: Get Paid In a Click!

Instamojo Chrome Extension
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2020)

If you collect payments over email with Instamojo, you’re in for a real treat! We just launched a swanky new tool that takes away all the hassle of requesting a payment over emails – The Instamojo Chrome Extension!

The Instamojo Chrome Extension is a handy tool that makes creating and sharing payment links over Gmail, a sheer cakewalk!

Earlier, every time you needed to request a payment over email, you would have to create a payment link from your Instamojo dashboard and copy+paste it into the email to send it to your buyer.

With the new Chrome extension, you can not just create custom payment links right in your inbox but also share them with just a click!

How to Get Instamojo Chrome Extension for Gmail

Add the Instamojo Chrome Extension to your Chrome Browser from the Chrome Extension Store. Head to your Gmail inbox and click on compose to request a payment from your buyer over email.

You’ll notice the Instamojo logo in the toolbar below.

Instamojo Chrome Extension

Click on the logo to create a new payment link.

Enter custom payment details and your link is ready.

You can also select from your existing payment links.

Hit send and your buyer will receive the custom payment link.

Watch this demo on how to use the Instamojo Chrome Extension:

Get the Instamojo Chrome Extension here

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