Three things to help you build a successful online business

successful online business
(Last Updated On: May 30, 2023)

Want to know the secret to run successful online businesses? There isn’t really a magic potion that can turn your business into a billion-dollar company overnight but there are three key elements that are crucial to the growth of any online business regardless the size – sell faster, pack nicer, ship quicker – the holy trinity!

Three secrets to running successful online businesses

Once you have established an online presence and managed to get people to notice your online store, the battle is only half won. How do you get more people to buy from you and keep them hooked to your product or services?

1. Faster and easier payments

Giving your customers multiple payment options is a great way to keep them coming back to you. Reason? Convenience!

Here are some numbers to back that up: a study found businesses that accepted online payments in some form grew 11% more in revenue than ones that didn’t. Also, 40% of online shoppers feel comfortable buying from stores that offer multiple modes of payment.

Multiple/faster modes of payments can help you:

  • Tap into the impulse shopping urges of customers.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a smooth checkout experience.
  • Appeal to a larger market and allow anyone to buy your products/services.
  • Get paid faster with online payments.

Looking to find a payments platform that can help you get started instantly? Instamojo isn’t just easy to integrate but is also cheap and gives you data-backed insights about your customers. Explore payment links and smart links.

2. Great packaging

Did you know about 52% of online shoppers made a repeat purchase from a seller that sold and delivered products in unique packaging, boxes or bags?

Here are a few important reasons why packaging is a crucial element to the success of an online business:

  • Good packaging provides hygiene.
  • Optimizes cost of the product.
  • Helps differentiate your brand.
  • Educates and informs the buyer about the product.
  • Ensures safety of the product.

It is important to choose the right kind of packaging for products, especially if you are in the perishable goods market.  You may need special packaging if you are shipping your products outside the country or state.

Searching for the perfect packaging partner? Printo, a complete packaging solutions platform, doesn’t just allow you to buy packaging material for your products but also helps you design custom packaging in bulk that suits your brand!

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3. Quality Shipping

With more customers opting to shop online, if you can deliver products quickly, for cheap (or free for your customers) you are winning at the online business game!

Here is how shipping impacts your online business:

  • Shipping ensures the end quality of your product
  • If not shipped with care, you stand the risk of losing your money, your product and, customers.
  • Using the right kind of shipping tools can not just save you time but will also help your business stay profitable.

What if a shipping partner took away all the headaches of ensuring your product reaches the destination without damage and on time? On Instamojo, you can choose from a list reliable shipping partners and get your shipping strategy in place.

Don’t have an online business yet? Get started with a free online store that comes with integrated payments in just two minutes! 

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  1. A new business is faced with a multitude of challenges. To venture into the market and make a mark, it not only has to offer quality products and services but also has to create a distinct brand which paves the way for profitable outcomes.

    Keep it continue!

  2. These are very elegant looking designs. Can they also be custom printed with customer’s logo to give extra appeal?

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