Instamojo online stores that will make a mother’s life a little bit easier

Instamojo online stores mothers day
(Last Updated On: June 12, 2023)

We are back with another edition of mojoStores. But this time, we have chosen Instamojo online stores that would be perfect to make a mother’s life just a tiny bit easier.

Mothers are nothing less than superwomen. And even though they should be appreciated every single day, the second Sunday of May every year is a day when you can shower her with unconditional love and support.

So for this year’s Mother’s Day, we decided to compile a list of online stores that offer support, gifts for her, and opportunities to let go and relax!

mojoStore #1: Nira Yoga

Mothers are an example of invisible labour at work. They do everything for their child and ensure their house remains a happy home. Especially for working women, taking care of children can be super challenging.

So, why don’t we give her a chance to recuperate? Some time away from the constant pressures of to-do lists and chores?

Nira Yoga offers tailored yoga classes. Schedule some sessions for your mother and see her enjoy a few hours cultivating a healthy mind and body.

Nira Yoga
Instamojo online store- Nira Yoga

mojoStore #2: Soft Hug 

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Yeap this online store for baby clothes on Instamojo has the cutest, trendiest and softest collection of babyclothes.

You can go ahead and buy from this online store for mothers with toddlers or expectant mothers.


Instamojo online store: Soft Hugs
Instamojo online store- Soft Hug

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mojoStore #3: The Esoteric Moms 

Mothers are scared, nervous and anxious about so much. If there’s something we can do for them, it can be to help them not worry about ONE less thing.

In this case – let’s not make her worry about what is in the creams that she puts on her children. This brand has  100% Ayurvedic products that you can use to nourish the skin of your children.

The founders of this brand call themselves the ‘Esoteric Moms’ which means mothers who are selective and choosy to put forth the best when it comes to their babies/Kids. This is why they created this brand since they are “selective in delivering 100% organic and natural, homemade, high-quality products for the babies and mothers-to-be.”

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The esoteric moms
Instamojo online stores- The esoteric moms

Visit their online store here

mojoStore #4: 50 plus voyagers 

What do mothers that have grown-up kids want? Yes – some time for herself. 50-plus voyagers arrange for vacations for groups above 50.

Want your mother to have the time of her life? Without having to worry about who goes with her, or who else has time? She can now enjoy the beauty of the world with people of her own age and have a splendid time!

50 plus voyagers
Instamojo online store- 50 plus voyagers

Send her to Coorg! Or Kashmir! The options are endless. And she will definitely thank you for it.

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mojoStore #5: Unchi wali chai 

As the name promises “Unchi Wali Chai” curates this lovely high tea experience for tea lovers. Send your mother to these meet-ups to enjoy some relaxing conversations and tea tasting with the tea-lovers community. And in a country like India – who isn’t a tea lover?

This online store also sells exquisite and exotic tea flavours that will refresh and awaken every tired mother who has been on her toes the entire day!


Unchi Wali Chai
Instamojo online store – Unchi Wali Chai

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